10 Money Affirmations and Wealth Mantras That Will Attract Money and Financial Abundance Into Your Life

Attracting money is a tricky subject and most of us, at some point, struggle with feeling unsuccessful, feeling unfulfilled in our work and insecure in our finances. Consciously, we know financial abundance can go hand in hand with personal fulfillment; but, we have never been taught how to achieve financial abundance doing what we love.

Have you ever felt like only a select, elite few, have the opportunity of achieving financial abundance through work that fulfills them?

We have all tried working harder and longer but still, financial security seems out of reach.

Get off the income roller coaster and allow consistent cash flow now with these 10 Daily Money Affirmations! 

attracting money affirmations


Abundance affirmations will transform your negative money beliefs that are holding you back.

Most of us have negative money beliefs that we are not even aware we have. These beliefs are formed from our early experiences and are heavily influenced by our social groups, our family, and even our ancestry.

The problem with these negative money beliefs is that they are constantly influencing the way we think and speak about money. As a result, they are heavily reflected in our money-making decisions…often without us even being aware that this is happening.

The truth is… what you believe about money can be a stronger determining factor on your ability to be successful than your intelligence, education and even your work ethic.

Your money psychology includes both your conscious and unconscious ideas and beliefs around money and impacts your personal ability to earn, hold and grow money.

When the foundations of your money psychology are based on the laws of scarcity, you will manifest results of “never enough” and “hard to come by”.

Here are some questions to ask yourself to determine if your negative money beliefs are influencing your ability to grow your income to the levels that you desire…

Do you live paycheck-to-paycheck…no matter how much money you make?

Did you grow up poor or middle class and remain below where you want to be financially?

Do you have feelings of jealousy or even disgust when you hear how people with more money than you spend their resources?

Do you believe earning a million dollars (or one hundred thousand dollars, or ten thousand dollars) is a lot of money?

Are you not where you want to be financially, but you make the same amount of money as your friends or family?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions you need to focus on money affirmations that confirm your ability to receive, grow and hold onto resources.

Your past and present money patterns are a good indicator of what your future money situation will be…unless you make some big changes.

You believe what your experience tells you to believe.

For instance, if you grew up in an affluent family you would grow up with a very different “base expectation” of money than somebody who grew up on food stamps in social housing. An affluent child learns that there is always enough and that they can use this never-ending source of money to have or experience whatever they want. All the other children and families that they associate with confirm this belief because it is true for them as well.

A child who grew up in poverty or even in a middle-class family learns that there is a strong limit on the amount of money available and that there is never enough to go around. They learn that money is hard to come by and that their parents need to work really hard. They learn that rich people are just lucky and that the reality of everybody else is struggle and lack. This is confirmed by their environment and all the other people they associate with.

Do you see how these different environments will produce completely different beliefs about money?

Can you see how your childhood environment may be contributing to your own negative money beliefs?

money affirmations attracting money

Money affirmations are one of the best tools that you can use to begin to dispel your negative money beliefs and seed new and positive thoughts about money into your subconscious mind.

Money affirmations are also a great tool for bringing to the surface negative money beliefs that you didn’t even know you had. You can bring awareness to your negative money beliefs by observing how you feel or how your body responds when you state a particular money affirmation. If you notice any physical or mental responses such as a pit in your stomach, a mental “eye roll” or feelings of unworthiness as you state the money affirmation, this is a these indication that you have a subconscious block to the positive words you are stating!

Open up new possibilities for attracting money to flow into your life

The first step to changing your negative money beliefs and to begin attracting money is awareness of your beliefs and how they are impacting your reality.

An honest assessment of your negative money beliefs will allow you to begin to change not only your thought patterns but also the way you speak about and interact with money.

When you first begin to recognize how you currently feel about and use money you will be surprised at how limited your thinking actually is. 

When you are challenged by higher level beliefs about money you will begin to see how entrenched your current negative money beliefs truly are.

Limited thinking brings in limited opportunities. When we are ruled by beliefs of lack and scarcity we block the flow of source energy which offers us limitless opportunities and resources. We are only able to see the opportunities for attracting money that our “grid” of experiences and beliefs will allow through.

We cannot attract to ourselves that which we either do not believe exists… or does not exist for us.

Often our overriding unconscious negative money beliefs tell us lies about not only our ability to attract money… but whether or not we even deserve to ask for money.

Here are some questions to ask yourself to determine if your negative money beliefs are telling you fierce lies about your deservedness to attract the money you desire.

Did you grow up in a home or community where the desire to make a lot of money was considered a “worldly pursuit” and not something a good and spiritual person would ever desire?

Do you come from a place where your gender or skin color was a factor in how much money someone deserved to make?

Have you been told that if you really cared for people and were a good person you wouldn’t charge so much money for your services?

Do you feel guilty asking for more money because you recognize that your standard of living is already in the top tier of the world and you feel like maybe you are coming across as “greedy” or materialistic?

Do you feel like the work you do is not really worth what you want to charge for it…or feel like you are an imposter?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions you need to focus on money affirmations that affirm your infinite worth… deservedness… and that attracting money is a spiritual pursuit that you can use to perform an incredible service to the world.

attracting money beliefs

You can only receive what you believe you are worthy to receive. You can only attract money to the level that it does not conflict with your internal beliefs about who you are…

Change neural pathways on a subconscious level with money affirmations so that positive thoughts become your base pattern of thinking and make attracting money easy.

If you are struggling with attracting money you need to focus on changing the unconscious patterns of thinking that are fueling your limiting thoughts and negative money beliefs.

Money affirmations work on both the conscious and subconscious mind to bring about effective change so that you can begin attracting the money you desire.

Repeating daily money affirmations will reinforce to your mind and heart what you desire to achieve and that you are worthy of success. There is power in repetition because it forms new neural pathways that are aligned with your desired outcomes.

Think of your brain like a jungle and your current autopilot limiting belief system is like a well-worn path through the dense undergrowth. You have traveled this path so often that it is automatic…it is easy…there is no resistance to these negative money beliefs.

Now, when you introduce new money affirmations what you are doing is like getting out a machete and hacking your way through the dense forest in an attempt to forge a new path. It is hard work forging a new path through a jungle. This is why consistency in daily repetition of your money affirmations is the key to change.

Each time you repeat your money affirmations you are making that new neural pathway a little bit easier to travel on…it becomes a little more automatic…

Each time you refuse to walk down the old limiting path of negative money beliefs you are allowing those old neural pathways to disappear back into the dense forest…

This is where true change begins to take place and you will begin attracting money and other forms of wealth more quickly and easily.   

Eliminate scarcity thinking patterns, allowing financial abundance to enter your life

The elimination of these old patterns of negative money beliefs and scarcity thinking will lead you on the path to financial abundance.

When you replace scarcity thinking with empowered, limitless thinking you are removing all the mental blocks to your financial abundance.

Too many people do not fully understand the power of their scarcity thinking to completely block the exact things that they are hoping will show up in their lives.

If you grew up in an environment where you learned that your parents needed to choose between paying the electricity bill or buying new clothes for their kids…you learned scarcity thinking.

If you learned that there are only so many resources to go around and that you getting something meant that someone else would end up in need…you learned scarcity thinking

If you grew up looking at other people’s homes, cars, clothes and vacations and your first thought was “I could never afford that”, then…you learned scarcity thinking AND you made a vow to yourself that you could “never” afford that.

When you are locked in scarcity thinking you block financial abundance.

It’s that simple.

Repeating money affirmations will allow you to reject those “vows” that you made earlier in your life and start to think about your ability to be financially abundant in a whole new way.

Repeating money affirmations replaces your old stories with new and empowered beliefs…

Repeating money affirmations changes you from the inside out. They literally change the person that you are…

Repeating money affirmations take you from scarcity thinking to abundance thinking…

Repeating money affirmations open your life up to receive financial abundance…

Repeating money affirmations confirms the TRUTHS about your infinite worth and your deservedness to receive what you desire.

Believe and receive!