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5 Things To Tell Yourself When You Don’t Love Your Body

Have you ever noticed that food and “perfect” bodies are the two images we are exposed to most within our media’s manufactured scenes of happiness and fulfillment?

Happy families chowing down on burgers and fries, pizza and birthday cake.  Idyllic holiday scenes with turkey, stuffing and all the pie you could possibly want. Happy couples enjoying fine dining and wine or maybe a beer with friends around the BBQ.  Oh…and don’t forget mom’s homemade chocolate chip cookies for all the kids in the neighborhood!

On the flip side, every BODY you see in the media is a photoshopped, cropped and filtered image of society’s assessment of perfection.

Against this confusing backdrop it is easy to receive very distorted messages about nourishment, health and body image as it relates to your happiness and fulfillment. If an unhealthy attachment to food, or a few extra pounds, wrinkles, blemishes and cellulite are diminishing your power and confidence, it is time to bring TRUTH to these FALSE ideas.

Treating your body with respect and love means giving it the nourishment it needs, while accepting its perceived limitations and imperfections.

Here are 5 things to tell yourself when you don’t love your body.  Repeat these affirmations to release the false messages of society and replace them with the truth of your ultimate value.

I love my body and I treat it with respect

I am no longer attached to the negative addiction of how I view my body

I have a vision of who I am, I am inspired, I am empowered, and I am moving forward

I am choosing to let go of any and all negative chatter, fear, false beliefs and body sabotages that keep me shackled to negative behavior and negative thoughts

I stand in my power, I own it, I am allowing my authentic self to manifest in my life and others

When you don’t love your whole body, start by affirming the parts you do love. Give thanks for this body that carries your soul around and allows you to experience life.  As you begin to accept your body as it currently IS, this places you in a position of strength which will begin to change your default habits, and this in turn will change everything. Know your worth. Recognize your infinite value. Embody your strength.

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