7 Things To Open The Door To The True Love You Deserve

7 Things To Open The Door To The True Love You Deserve

A loving and fulfilling romantic relationship can be one of life’s greatest gifts to you.

A commitment to shared experiences, intimacy and mutual support is an ideal which many aspire to… but for some people…seems to remain out of reach.  When romantic ideals don’t manifest the way that you would like them to, there can be a lot of frustration as you may not understand what went wrong.  

You may even begin to ask self-defeating questions like, “What is wrong with me?”

When you have experienced hurt or loss in your most intimate relationships, there are things that occur on an energetic level that can affect your ability to move forward into healthy and new opportunities for love.

Sometimes traumatic or unhealthy patterns of events may happen very early in life that can lead to a lifetime of difficulties within romantic relationships if resulting unconscious patterns and beliefs are not recognized and released.  These problems can manifest as reoccurring issues with intimacy, trust, confidence, self-sabotage or even repeatedly choosing partners who mistreat or abuse you. These types of energy blocks can effectively close the door on your chance at future love and happiness.

While therapy is an important tool to help uncover and heal some of these patterns, it is also important to bring to light any unconscious beliefs which you may hold about yourself or the idea of romantic love.

One way you can bring these unconscious beliefs to light is by stating the TRUTH of who you are…your INFINITE worth…AND what you DESERVE.

Here are 7 things that you must learn to believe so that you can open the door to the love you long for and deserve.

I am 100% deserving to attract an unconditionally loving partner into my life.

Doors are opening wide, I am safe being successful in love.

I release my physical need to close my heart door because of being treated unfairly in the past

I release my emotional need to keep my heart door closed

I am no longer attached to the negative feelings from the past.

I am allowing doors to open that have previously been closed

I am no longer willing to stay hiding behind closed doors.

If when you state these truths, you feel uncomfortable…doubtful…fearful…or have an emotional response…this is because TRUTH is coming up against the patterns of LIES that you are holding in your body and mind.  Repeat these truths, one at a time, until they become a part of you, and you can fully believe them.  Surround yourself with people who will support you on this journey of truth as you dispel the lies that have kept the doors to love closed off to you.  Love is HERE, waiting for you – believe and you will receive.

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