There is a specific “allowing” that I encourage you to embrace as we approach the end of another year.

It’s quite easy to overlook this aspect of life that can radically change old stories and allow you to receive more abundance of peace and inner confidence, and that is for you to give yourself more grace, especially for what you’ve experienced in the past.

While most people think of the word grace as something a family says at the dinner table or the blessings from God, I want to plant the seed of a fresh, invigorating, and healing definition that you can apply now and into the future.

Think of grace as giving yourself permission to forgive and accept yourself for your flaws and past mistakes, which will allow you to sit in a space of quiet reflection on anything you’ve experienced and learn to let go of any self-judgment and guilt over what was done or not done.

Because no matter what you’ve done in the past, or where you fall short in your intentions, you have done things in the purest form of who you were at that time.

You do the best you can with what you have now and that will always be true. It was true for you 20 years ago and it will be true for you in 2 minutes from now.

If you are always doing your best in the present moment, you must allow yourself GRACE to wash over you when things don’t work out the way you imagined.

A child growing up goes through life learning and trying their best at many things, like learning to walk and ride a bike, spelling their names and mastering handwriting. They are learning how to share and play team sports, and along the way, they stumble, fall, and make mistakes.

Yet, we never judge them, shame them, or burden them with the weight of guilt. We show them grace, deep empathy, and unconditional love as we guide them.

So why is it that many of us, as adults, forget to do the same for ourselves when we take our own little tumbles on life’s journey?

One of the simplest things you could do when the so-called mistakes of your past pop up in your mind is to say three simple words: “I accept myself.”

Give yourself the gift of appreciating all that you’ve done in the past as a result of doing the best you could at that time to bring about your greatest expansion and abundance, for there is a divine fire in your own forgiveness. 

Many amazing people have forgotten the art of forgiveness for the most important person in their world, themselves, and when we don’t give ourselves the space for grace, we carry old resentments, defensiveness, and patterns of self-sabotage, which includes: woulda, coulda, and shoulda into the future.

A future that becomes self-limited and siphons away your soul-purpose energy.

As this year comes to an end, I know you will have your moments of looking back on it, wondering why things happened the way they did or what you wish would have happened. When those moments come, guard yourself from negativity and self-judgment and give yourself the space for grace and acceptance.

Support your transformation with a powerful guided visualization to help integrate these insights within you.

What is shared

💗 Learn to receive an abundance of peace and inner confidence. 

💗 Learn the art of forgiveness.

💗 Discover how to let go of any self-judgment and guilt over what was done or not done.

💗 Experience a powerful guided visualization that will help support your transformation, guard yourself from negativity and self-judgment and give yourself the space for grace and acceptance.

accept yourself

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