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Are you a Master of Distraction?

The ability to multitask was once touted as a very positive attribute, but studies are now saying that multitasking is not just inefficient…it could be harming your health.

Do you run around all day long from one thing to another but feel like you haven’t accomplished what you need to at the end of the day?

Do you feel pressure on you from multiple areas of your life (work, family, friends) and find it hard to keep up?

Do you feel like you are juggling too many balls in the air and if you make one wrong move they will all come crashing down?

Are you the type of person who is cleaning the kitchen, getting kids out the door and answering an email while participating in a sales call or client meeting…all in the same moment?

If you answered “yes” to any of these scenarios, you are a master of distraction!

Did you know that constantly being in a place of overwhelm and multitasking is actually a result of some deep-seated fears?

Fears of not being/doing enough, being judged, failing, not living up to other people’s standards, and being rejected or fired are some of the fears that are associated with taking on too much.

We have learned that other people seem to value us for what we can “do” rather than who we “are”.

The problem with multitasking is that you are never 100% focused on any one project, person or situation. When this happens, a part of the experience is lost. Whether you are having breakfast with your family or working on an important project, if you let distractions constantly invade your space, you miss the moment.

You miss the joke your child is trying to tell … or the inspiration source is trying to give you for your blog. You miss the nuances in the email from a client or the loving look your spouse gives you as you run past them out the door. You forget to give thanks for your food or recognize all the different miracles it took just to have this nourishment land on your plate.

Here are 6 statements to affirm when you need to be reminded to become more singularly focused.

I choose to give whatever I am engaged in my full and undivided attention

I consciously choose to order my day in such a way that I am less distracted

I set healthy boundaries for family, work, friendships and recreational activities so that each one gets my very best

I am no longer consumed with the need for approval from others

I acknowledge that I am safe and loved and that my value is inherent in who I am, not what I accomplish

I affirm that I am safe to ask for help when my responsibilities are in conflict

I do not need to impress anyone with my ability to multitask

Don’t miss the moments. Give every one-thing your full attention. You will become more productive and feel each and every life experience more fully.

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