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As someone who received a score of 0-10, you have good control over your thoughts and actions. You put your mind to something you desire and work towards it until you receive it. You have a good sense of self and autonomy and are mostly aware of the areas you need to work on to achieve your dreams and aspirations. 

However, it is possible that your desire for independence and self-reliance is its own inherited tendency based on patterns of “not wanting to be a burden” or being told that you need to “earn your worth,” which can cause you to always prioritize practicality over things like happiness, fun, and community.

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Look back at the specific questions you scored a 1 or 2 on, as this will give some insight into areas where Inherited Emotional DNA may be lingering in your lineage and stopping you from receiving all that is within your divine right. Your focus should be on those specific areas.


Also, consider if self-reliance and independence may be their own blocks that are influencing your decisions and keeping you from true fulfillment as you keep others at arm’s length.


With the right tools and resources, these old patterns can be quickly abandoned, allowing you to become all who you are here to be.


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