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As someone who received a score of 11-20, you have seen your share of setbacks in life, but you are not likely to play the victim and are willing to take responsibility for your outcomes. You have things you desire that remain out of reach, but you are determined to find the solution. You are, however, hesitant to move forward because you are unsure of the next step, and you are getting tired of detours and seeing the same old results.


You need a different approach and perspective that can only come from releasing inherited blocks that stop you from receiving what you desire. These blocks remain out of sight from your conscious mind, but when you tap into your subconscious, you can see them for what they are and the truth about how they are holding you back.

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Tap into your subconscious to uncover these hidden blocks. If you meditate, spend time asking specific questions around what patterns or beliefs are holding you back from taking the next RIGHT step.


With the right tools and resources, these old patterns can be quickly abandoned, allowing you to become all who you are here to be.


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