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As someone who received a score of 21-30, it’s time to tighten up your boundaries and stop worrying about being judged by others. You are distracted and running in too many directions. You leave a lot of unfinished projects (energy) on the table. You have so much to offer the world in terms of your gifts and talents, but you lack the confidence or fortitude to work through the obstacles to get to your desired result.


This is a typical response from someone with specific inherited emotional DNA around the ideas of “being seen,” and you may unconsciously feel unsafe to pursue your heart’s desires and receive the success you deserve. Removing these blocks will allow you to become all you are here to become.

A man who looks anxious, covering his face with piles of stuff around him.


Prioritize activities that increase your self-confidence and regularly affirm there is a divine plan and purpose for your life. You desire clarity, but you must slow down and breathe if you want to hear what your guides are telling you. Consider if your “multitasking” and busyness are getting you anywhere at all. Prioritize space for some inner work. Recognize the areas where you are procrastinating and reflect on what you are REALLY avoiding.


With the right tools and resources, these old patterns can be quickly abandoned, allowing you to become all who you are here to be.


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