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What is Generational Healing?

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Are the results of Generational Healing immediate? Are the results permanent? The answer to both those questions is – with a caveat – yes.

Once you remove a block, it is immediate and it does not return. However, sometimes there is  more work to be done in a specific area that is a dominant pattern in the lineage and can exist in multiple places.

Finally, is Generational Healing just for the ultra spiritual who are intuitive and deep into all things alternative, or is there science behind inherited emotional DNA?

As far as science goes, there have been multiple studies done on the impact of generational trauma existing in the descendants of people groups who have experienced grave hardship. There has been research and studies done in the last ten years moving science even further into this space. Even when we study animals, we understand they are guided by instincts passed down to help them survive. So yes, inherited emotional DNA is being recognized and talked about. I love helping people understand why they are the way they are and for this to become a healing reality in everyone’s life.

My goal is to help people heal their past, to the extent it’s playing out in the present – so they can step fully into the future they desire

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