Attracting Money

Money flows with greater ease when we are in alignment with what comes easily to us. But we are not raised to do what comes easy to us, are we? Easy is what we are naturally gifted at, it’s often a hobby or a skill that we take for granted. When we allow ourselves to make money doing what we love, money flows, yes you still work, but earning money is not physically exhausting, often you have more energy…There is a big difference.

When money is short, it’s usually because life is out of balance.

I’m eager to share the 3 ways I raise my vibration to attract more money:

  1. What are your self-care practices: When you are not taking care of yourself, when you are not in tune with who you are, what you want or what feeds your soul, you are out of balance. You have to get in touch with yourself, find what you enjoy doing and what your financial goals are. You must be in touch with who you really are!
  2. Gratitude- Train your mind to see the good in everything, because gratitude builds abundance, notice the penny on the ground, pick it up. Gratitude will get you out of fear and worry, it brings money abundance. When possible always give gratitude verbally out loud…
  3. Use positive affirmations to build yourself up, raise your energy vibration by talking positive, turn the car radio off, also speak your money affirmations out loud, create I AM statements, raise your vibration with positive affirmations.

Money is a high vibrational energy available for all of us…including you!

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Everyone deserves to be seen, heard and known for who they are. Lisa’s expertise in removing negative energy and inherited patterns empower people to get their gifts, talents, and ideas into the world, more confidently and in alignment with their Soul’s purpose.

Lisa is dedicated to breaking cycles of struggle and negative patterns, drawing on her lifelong access to Source energy and an intense study of various holistic healing methods.

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Working with Lisa, my body and spirit feel so much lighter. I had years of anxiety ‘stuck’ in my body that I just could not get rid of, no matter what I did. Lisa also helped my son overcome his fear of shots, which was a huge deal! We are blessed to have found Lisa!”

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