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The Yin & Yang Of Epigenetics: Release & Rejoice


“We can be sure that the greatest hope for maintaining equilibrium in the face of any situation rests within ourselves.”  - Francis J. Braceland I believe all of us are on an eternal quest to find our empowering balance.   But for most of us, unearthing that exquisite balance that keeps us calm and simultaneously inspired can seem like we’re a dog chasing its tail

The Yin & Yang Of Epigenetics: Release & Rejoice2020-11-13T13:15:14-08:00

Quiet The Bully Voices In Your World


Now more than ever, it seems we are plagued daily by the “outside voices”... And many of them are being bullies. It is these bully voices that seek to suppress your inner divinity and hold you back from trusting in your own empowered voice. Think about this for just a moment or two.  Every time you log in to your social media, what is

Quiet The Bully Voices In Your World2020-11-06T14:20:44-08:00

Heal Your History And Release Your Energy Blocks


Heal Your History And Release Your Energy Blocks We all have a history deep within ourselves.   There is no denying this fact.  Our stories from early childhood, the adventures with our families, or unique challenges as adults. Each and every day, we live out our history all while crafting and designing a new one. But for some of us, there is a block to

Heal Your History And Release Your Energy Blocks2020-11-02T13:44:00-08:00

Embrace Your Ask, Receive Your Blessing


How to invite more abundance to your life Can I ask you a question? When it comes to receiving abundance in your life, do you find yourself shying away from it? And even though deep down you long for limitless expansion… You feel this constant nagging that you’re not good enough? Wanna know a sneaky little secret? I felt that way for years.  Especially

Embrace Your Ask, Receive Your Blessing2020-10-29T14:18:08-07:00

It’s Not ALL In Your Genes


Genes And Generations: Which Has More Power? It’s been said that our DNA is the blueprint that makes each of us who we are in this fascinating world. We all grew up being programmed to believe that our DNA defines us. But does it really? Over my many years of energetic healing practice, I’ve been blessed (and challenged) to see how my clients DNA

It’s Not ALL In Your Genes2020-10-27T14:18:03-07:00

What Vibrations Are You Speaking?


“Be very careful what you say to yourself because someone very important is listening . . . YOU!” John Assaraf I absolutely love the simple power of that quote.   Because I don’t think the majority of people in this world truly understand and respect the power and vibration of their own words. For this is a vibration… very distinct energy to what we say.

What Vibrations Are You Speaking?2020-10-27T14:17:00-07:00

The Truth About Failure


The Truth About Failure Some days we feel like we are propelled forward and then only hours or days later we are back at square one.  Two steps forward…three steps back. We celebrate everything that looks like a win and quietly hide anything that looks like a loss… We have this idea that anything that looks like it is taking us backwards

The Truth About Failure2020-11-24T06:45:31-08:00

Is Your Feasting Healthy?


Is Your Feasting Healthy? Food has always been an integral part of celebration in cultures worldwide.  Feasting has been associated with abundance, harvest and even a sign of favor from the gods. Not too long ago, there was a cyclical and seasonal eating pattern that was based primarily on the growing seasons.  There were times of feasting and times of fasting built

Is Your Feasting Healthy?2020-11-24T06:53:17-08:00

What Does Saying Sorry Too Much Say About You?


What Does Saying Sorry Too Much Say About You? Being able to apologize when you are in the wrong is an important part of being an emotionally healthy person. We need to be able to own our mistakes and things that we have done that have hurt other people, and do our best to make amends. However…there are many people who need

What Does Saying Sorry Too Much Say About You?2020-11-24T06:55:17-08:00

Are Your Labels Limiting You?


Are Your Labels Limiting You? If someone were to ask you what your defining identity is, what would you tell them?  What I mean by that is… ...what is the one thing that influences and directs the vast majority of the decisions in your life? Are you a business owner? A caregiver? A cancer survivor? An activist? An employee? An immigrant? An

Are Your Labels Limiting You?2020-11-24T06:58:17-08:00
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