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3 Beliefs That Are Blocking Your Flow Of Money And How To Change Them

If I were to ask you, “Would you like to receive more money in your life?” I expect you would probably answer with an enthusiastic “YES!”  

Although almost everybody would respond agreeably to the idea of more money flowing into their lives, the reality is MOST will never achieve the levels of income they consciously desire.

If you are experiencing a big disconnect in the income you feel you deserve and what you are actually manifesting…you undoubtedly have some unconscious money beliefs that are literally blocking the flow of money into your life!

You may think you have only positive thoughts surrounding the idea of money, but you may not even be aware of the subtle and inherited beliefs that you may be carrying around with you.  If these inherited beliefs are not acknowledged and cleared, they will continue to dramatically influence your ability to receive, hold and grow your income.

Here are some beliefs that can stop the flow of money into your life, followed by 6 affirmations to counter and release those limiting beliefs.

“I don’t fully believe I deserve to be rich”  

You may not consciously believe this, but if you look below the surface, there are often societal and familial messages that you have received about your capacity to be successful. Maybe it was implied that you were lazy or not smart enough.  Maybe you were told that you were irresponsible or disloyal for not sticking with the mindset and practices of your tribe. Maybe due to your ethnic background, gender or economic status you received cues that you needed to remain “in your lane”. You need to know that these are all lies and that you ARE deserving of wealth and abundance.

“Money negatively affects close relationships”

If you have ever been witness to money or material objects causing rifts between the people you love, you may have inherited a belief system that equates money with relationship problems.  Some examples of where you may have picked up this belief include…animosity over the division of assets after a divorce or a loved one’s death…a family business partnership gone awry…a loved one’s increase in income status leading to negative personality changes or even substance abuse.  All these things can lead to an unconscious hesitancy surrounding the accumulation of wealth which will block the flow of money in your life

“The Pursuit of Money is an unhealthy/ immoral goal”

This unconscious attitude is quite common if you grew up in an environment where the underlying messages you received were that rich people were evil and greedy…or that good people serve and give of their gifts and talents without asking for anything in return.  Often this idea is found within religious ideologies which can add a whole other layer to the discomfort with money. This can make it very difficult for you to ask for the compensation you deserve based on the value you are adding to people’s lives. If you don’t want your family or tribe to think of you as greedy, selfish or immoral, it might be more comfortable for you to stay poor.

If you resonate with any of these examples of where unconscious conditioning may be affecting your beliefs about money, use the following 6 affirmations to help counter these attitudes so that you can remove the money blocks and begin to receive with thanks the abundance that is coming towards you!

I am 100% deserving in having money, growing my money and keeping my money

I have a healthy relationship with money and 100% trust I am worthy of more prosperity.

I am attracting wealth and prosperity in unlimited abundance for my highest good.

Money is just an energy and resource to help me to serve my family, others and create my ideal life.

I am attracting wealth and prosperity in unlimited abundance for my highest good…whether I believe it or not.

I add massive value to people’s lives doing what I love, they add massive value to mine by compensating me for using my gifts and talents.

Let’s work together to squash these limiting beliefs so that you can move forward in confidence and truth…and watch your income rise to the level you deserve! I believe in YOU!

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