Forgive Away Your Stress

Anxiety.  Fear of missing out.  Scarcity.   

In the past 12 months or so, it seems that was the holy trinity of fear.

I watched so many people suffer from it…

And it tore at my heart. ????

Because I could clearly see how the recent, unexpected challenges of 2020 intensified a very intense and overpowering, inherited beliefs.




There simply was too much coming at us all at once.  And for many amazing people, it dropped them into a spiral.

Feeling pulled in so many directions, not knowing where to turn next.

Which left them feeling utterly lost and out of control.

That’s why today I wanted to share with you the supreme power of Forgiveness and how you can apply it in 2 key ways.

So that you move forward into the coming year light as a feather and basking in the glow of letting go. ????

Free Yourself From Would, Coulda and Shoulda

As I’ve been working with some of my wonderfully inspiring clients, I’ve noticed a trend in this idea of “I should’ve done this a long time ago” or “I missed that opporutnity” or “it’s too late, that ship has passed.”

They feel an intense pressure of judgement for actions that were not taken.  Feeling as if they missed out on so much.

This limiting belief serves no one.  And in fact, it only deepens the pain of regret and the overwhelm of trying to make up lost time that keeps you living in the false belief of 20/20 hindsight. 

So you not only feel a pressure of what to do in the here and now of the present moment…

You also pile on the burden of past actions unfulfilled.

It’s this one-two punch that can leave anyone feeling knocked out in body, mind and spirit.

But once you can lean into the cleansing power of self-forgiveness…You quickly realize that you did the best you could where you were at the time.

So there is no need for carrying that weight of woulda, coulda and shoulda.

You have right now and your next best step forward.

And that is more than enough.

Release The Blinders 

When the pandemic hit us all last year, it took away so much from so many.

It stole our time to be with loved ones.  

It took away our ability to connect and enjoy entertainment with others.

It stole away jobs.  

And yes, it stole our “normal.”

All of these things put us face to face with an overwhelming feeling of not having control.  

When this happened it became so easy to put on our blinders and only see one thing…

What we DIDN’T have.  

All we could see was scarcity.  

And with each passing day, that misplaced focus overwhelmed our hearts and minds leaving us feeling as if we didn’t have choices.

But once again…There is always a choice.

In the midst of these trying times, it was more important than ever to learn the divine art of “letting go.”

To let go of everything we thought before so we could fully embrace what’s all around us outside the restrictions of our blinders.

And in order for you and I to invite the infinite opulence that still surrounds us all…We must learn to forgive ourselves for believing what our blinders showed us.  

We didn’t know we still had control.

Now we do.  

Together we can forgive ourselves and release the guilt and overwhelm.  

For it was simply a temporary blindness that has been let go.

Now is the time for you to truly see.

For when you learn to let go…

You invite the flow.

Forgive yourself and allow the false beliefs, scarcity and limitations to fall away.

And replace it with trust, empowerment and divine peace of mind.

You deserve it.

Sending love and healing always,


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