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You CAN Release Inherited Money Beliefs.
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Inherited Money Beliefs

Money does not have to be complicated, it is our inherited belief system and our ancestor’s feelings that cause us to experience money the way we do.

I have experienced, in my work, client’s ancestors who have been killed because of money; hence, the fear of having it gets past down in the memory cells of our body and it affects all we do and the decisions we make with our money.

Money is a tricky subject, a love, hate relationship for many. Most of us, at some point, struggle with feeling unsuccessful, feeling unfulfilled in our work and insecure in our finances. Consciously, we know financial abundance can go hand in hand with personal fulfillment; but, we have never been taught how to achieve financial abundance doing what we love.

Have you ever felt like only a select, elite few, have the opportunity of achieving financial abundance through work that fulfills them? We have all tried working harder and longer. Many of us have changed jobs, even careers, but still, financial security seems out of reach.

Success is often felt as unfulfilling, due to the stress of earning it and then the guilt of having it, guilt for wanting more and the uncomfortableness of keeping it. Which causes us to self-sabotage our money.

increase your self-worth

In this complete Healing Meditation, you will experience the power of releasing your Inherited Money Beliefs. We all have them. Now is the time to FINALLY let them go.

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Tired of feeling stuck? Are you ready to have more peace, love, and energy? What if you could release those tangled emotions that keep you from living the life you know you deserve? 

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My life opened up in ways I never thought possible… Working with Lisa Thomas has completely transformed my life. I am making more money, working with more of my ideal clients, and enjoying the work that I do more than ever before.”

Jaime Geffner, Geffner Productions

Working with Lisa, my body and spirit feel so much lighter. I had years of anxiety ‘stuck’ in my body that I just could not get rid of, no matter what I did. Lisa also helped my son overcome his fear of shots, which was a huge deal! We are blessed to have found Lisa!”

May Paolim,

Her work lasts. It’s life changing!I was trapped, stuck, suffocating behind these old emotions I didn’t even know I had! Lisa actually made it possible for my body to heal. It’s not just some feel good for a day then back to old ways. Her work is life changing!”

Sophia Dalton,

I’m Lisa Thomas, an Intuitive Life Coach, and Energy Practitioner and I want to help you release what holds you back from living the life you know you deserve.

We all have trauma, phobias, and anxieties that can keep us from having what we want and need if we don’t do anything about them. They become roadblocks to our success and happiness.

You don’t have to live with those roadblocks any longer. You don’t have to live a life that is less-than.

Let me help you find what is keeping you stuck. I want to help you release those blocks once and for all so you can move forward into 2018 with more joy, more peace, and more love.

It is time for you to have the support you need. It is time for you to let go of what is tying you down so that you can be free.

I created Healing Circle Meditations for people just like you. People, who are ready for a change, people who feel blocked, stuck or are just not liking the way they feel. Maybe there’s sadness inside or a feeling of uncertainty. Whatever it is that is holding you back — it can be released.

You deserve to be free from all of those feelings, memories, and experiences that keep bogging you down.

I want to help you feel fulfilled and free so that you can step into your life knowing you can tackle anything.

I want to give you access to a recording of one of my recent Healing Circle Meditations for FREE, so you can experience what so many people have described as a miracle in their lives.

The recording you will receive is one of my most popular Healing Circle Meditations.

The topic of this free download is “Believing in and Manifesting Miracles”. 

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