Where do you feel limited? Why don’t you give yourself permission for more?

For many, there is a deep sense of not being deserving of receiving more, which then creates a cycle of struggle when creating more abundance in your life, and no matter what, you just can’t seem to make it happen.

Undeserving of more, originates as an inherited pattern from your ancestors life experience. Then in your life you might have been taught that wanting more is greedy and selfish; or that you are not “good enough, for more” often creating experiences of ‘lack’ in your life. 

But this belief is not how the universe works when it comes to abundance. Our entire energy system and universal flow are built upon the idea of continuous expansion. Our world was created to be this way.

Therefore it’s so important that we always allow ourselves the space for growth beyond our previous beliefs. To remove the energetic blocks that deny our expansion, we must receive more.

Once you fully embrace receiving more, you can share that wealth with others. You can bless your family, your neighbors, and your communities.

It comes down to giving yourself permission. Permit yourself to create and receive beyond any previous limitations and expectations.

Because all that you are is the greatest blessing you can bring to this world. When you invite more into your own life, you grant others permission to do the same.

Listen to this breakthrough visualization to open yourself up to the possibility of having more and ultimately give yourself permission for what you’re worth.

What is shared

💗 Learn why the word “enough” can become a back breaking limiting belief that prevents you from unleashing your life of abundance.

💗 Learn how you are divinely called to be always in expansion.

💗 Discover how one single word cracks the seal on your limiting beliefs.

💗 Experience a powerful guided visualization that will have your heart and mind dancing in the garden of unlimited wealth.

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