Heal Your History And Release Your Energy Blocks

We all have a history deep within ourselves.  

There is no denying this fact.  Our stories from early childhood, the adventures with our families, or unique challenges as adults.

Each and every day, we live out our history all while crafting and designing a new one.

But for some of us, there is a block to our limitless energy.  

A block that seems to follow us like a nagging scab that just won’t heal on its own.

Somewhere in our history, that block may have been set in stone in our minds by a seemingly innocent event.  And it feels like we can’t lift that stone out of the way of our expansion.

And now we subconsciously carry that stone, that block, with us into the future.

How does this happen? 

More importantly, how can we release that energetic block and let it drop to the wayside?

It comes down to embracing the process of deep release that comes from energetic healing…the practice I have been honored to share for years.

There is a process to it all…a path.

But first, I wanted to make sure you had a deeper understanding of how these blocks can arrive early in your life without you knowing it.

For it is through the awakening eyes of revelation that you are able to take the first step to healing your history.

A friend of mine shared a simple, yet extremely powerful example of how this can happen.  

He discovered it while reading the quite challenging book, “The Dark Side Of The Light Chasers” by Debbie Ford.

In it, there’s a story about Peter.  

And Peter had a constant need to “be strong and fearless” which was causing him all kinds of problems.  It was as if him having fear meant he wasn’t worthy of great things.

So he never allowed fear to enter his life, keeping himself closed off and unwilling to be vulnerable.  

Now, where could an intense energy block such as this come from?  What could keep him so terrified of being fearful?

Well, it all goes back to something that happened when he was just 8 years old. 

(You may have heard me share before how so many of our inherited and absorbed beliefs come in our earliest years.)

You see Peter was visiting a new home his family was building at the time.  And the stairs to the second floor didn’t have any backs to them, you could see right down to the first floor.

As Peter went upstairs he was fine.  But when his mother and sister had already gone back down, he was left at the top of those stairs.

And he was frozen with fear.  Certain that he would slip through the holes in the back of the steps and come crashing down in a heap on the floor below.

He asked for help, but his mother and sister told him to do it himself.  They said they’d leave him behind if he didn’t come down on his own.

Peter was paralyzed, he couldn’t move.  So they left him.

For half an hour! 

I’m sure you can imagine how he must have felt right?

Unsure of himself, panicked, ashamed, guilty, and full of fear.

And within that short 30 minutes, Peter absorbed his limiting belief.  It was now part of him.

In his 8-year-old mind, this is all he heard.

If he’s weak, women will always leave him behind.  

So for most of his life since that triggering event, Peter couldn’t be so-called weak or vulnerable because then any woman who loved him… would leave him.

And so he kept “being strong” which led to him ending relationships first so that he’d always be in control.

So that he’d never be full of fear.

Thankfully he was able to recognize, accept, and release that limiting belief. He went on to pursue his passions and build a great new approach to his life.

Crazy story right? 

Or is it?

But it’s just one example of how the absorbed or inherited beliefs that enter your life even at 8 years old…

Can become a burden you carry throughout your history.

That burden is unnecessary.  It can be healed and released.

But in order to do that, the first step is key.

And that first step is awareness and recognition.

So as I leave you today, give yourself the opportunity to do two simple tasks.

I guarantee these will begin the process of healing that can liberate your heart, body, and spirit.

#1:  Give yourself the gift of silent time for 10-20 minutes of self-reflection:

Allow yourself to revisit your memories.  Search through them and find that one thing that you know has been holding you back.

When you find it, see it.  Feel it.  Embrace it.  Accept it.

It simply is what was before.  It does not own you now.

This deep awareness allows you to accept the previous reality of what happened with no judgement, shame or guilt.  Life simply is.

#2:  Let it go on paper, Let it go in the trash:

Grab yourself a piece of notebook paper or a journal.  Take your pen.

And then simply write down that old absorbed or inherited block.

Then write out how you’re grateful for it being with you while it was because it brought you here to this moment.  It challenged you to grow.

Finally, write out that you are done carrying that limiting energy in your life.  Let it know it’s time for it to leave.  Wish it a fond farewell.

Then take that piece of paper, crumple it up and toss it away.

That belief no longer serves you.  It simply was part of your history for a time.

No more.

Because you are writing your new history today…

And it’s absolutely beautiful.

Sending you lots of love and healing,