New Year’s Resolutions The Epigenetics Way

Can you feel the energy, the excitement, bubbling up inside of you?

A new year is coming right around the corner…2021!

And with it comes that familiar energetic state of feeling like you can start over again with a crystal, clean slate in your life.

Your next fresh start which begins with setting a new year’s resolution.

But today I wanted to share with you an empowering method to radically increase your success rate with your latest resolutions in 2021.

Something that no one else really tells you that can make all the difference.  

Ready for the secret sauce?

Keep reading and let’s set you on a course to thriving in 2021 with your chosen goals like never before!

Don’t Be Part Of The 92%

As I did a quick little search on trusty “Dr. Google” I came across this jaw dropping statistic.

Yikes! ???? 

92% of people who set a new year’s resolution are unsuccessful.

And plus I read that on average 80% of people’s resolutions fail by February.  Barely over a month!

But why does that happen at such an alarming rate?

Why do we struggle so mightily to maintain our focus and commitment to raise our standards of personal greatness?

I believe it simply comes down to our standard approach to setting a new year’s resolution.  

And it comes down to treating symptoms not root causes.

Which Symptom Of Success Are You Chasing?

As I kept scanning Google, I found this list of the most common new year’s resolutions for 2020.  Each of them show the percentage of people who set one and what their focus is for the new year.

Now what’s super duper interesting is that if you were to go back 3 years, 6 years or even 30 years back in time…These same core resolutions would show up again and again.

And I believe that these consistent goals represent the “symptoms of success” that the majority of us seek every year.

But if we all want these similar things yearly, then why do only 8% of people who create their resolution make it stick?

Because putting all your focus on a symptom of success never addresses the root pain of the problem. 

The limiting beliefs that trap us in a merry-go-round of 2 steps forward and 3 steps back.  Each and every year we go back to the beginning and courageously attempt to hit our internal reset button.

So how do you break the cycle?

It starts with healing the source of your energy through the cleansing process of epigenetics.

Release and Rise!

To me the secret key that can unlock all the doors to your limitless expansion inside your resolutions is through your ability to release the past.

This is the empowering shift that can occur when you learn to leverage the liberating tool of releasing your energy blocks.

These blocks could be from an inherited belief around money from your great grandmother.  Or you absorbed an energy block about being vibrant and healthy through your own experiences.

Either way, these energy blocks are the core piece of the puzzle that prevents 92% of people from hitting their new year’s resolutions.

Because no matter how many times they set a new goal of walking every day in the morning or eating a well balanced diet…

If they still possess an energy block around why they can’t be fit and healthy, they will eventually run out of steam.

For the energy block stops them in their tracks.

And that’s when this limiting belief begins to sap their energy dry.

And the next thing you know, it’s February and failure has reared it’s discouraging head once again.

It doesn’t have to be that way for you.

You can make the much smarter choice to get a jump start on your own inspiring new year’s resolutions right now.

How can you do this?

By giving yourself the space and time the rest of this month of December to peel back the layers of the onion on any limiting beliefs.

Don’t concern yourself with your resolutions at all.

Simply place all your focus on honoring your journey of healing.

To find those belief systems that are holding you back.

And allow yourself to tap into the courage of recognizing their presence with renewed clarity.

Once you can see them, feel them and embrace them as simply a part of your past story…You can come to terms with a new fact.

They don’t have to come with you into the new year.

You can release them to the winds of change.

And once you do, find yourself standing inside the stillness of your liberation.

Then when January 1st arrives on your doorstep…

You’ll be ready to rise.

Here’s to your most healing and empowering year ever.

Woohoo for you in 2021!

Sending love,