Epigenetics is how our DNA expresses itself. 

Our emotional DNA impacts our self-beliefs, how we experience the world around us and our money flow. 

Epigenetics includes innate fears of public speaking, visibility, fear of failure, perfectionism, procrastination and so much more. 

Here’s How Epigenetics Works

We all have our own DNA code that makes us 6ft tall or 5ft 5.  

It could make us any height. We cannot change the helix that is immovable and unchangeable. 

As much as we want green eyes, it’s not possible unless we wear contacts. We can’t change any characteristics of our physical body.

But how epigenetics shows up is an inherited pattern. They are inherited phenotype cells that get passed down in the lineage. And what that means is that epigenetics is the expression of your DNA. So an example is the inherited pattern of arachnophobia, which is a fear of spiders (but we can inherit anything). 

Now, you’re not consciously always aware of it. It’s going to show up in how you engage in life. Are you riddled with anxiety? Nine times out of ten, that starts with an inherited pattern. And somewhere in your lineage you have an ancestor who suffered from anxiety.

When we released something that was inherited, it releases from everyone in the bloodline. 

We can have a subconscious belief, limiting belief, false belief that really doesn’t belong to us, but it’s expressed in how we show up.. 

A Lot Of Blocks Around Money Are Inherited – Here’s An Example: 

A client of mine had her own business, but she was a single parent of two, and she was ready to close down her business. Part of the reason she came to me was her employees were never happy with her.

They were frustrated. The drama was awful, and it was because she wouldn’t listen to their suggestions and make decisions. She couldn’t make a decision. You cannot be the CEO of your company or an entrepreneur if you can’t make a decision. It doesn’t work.

It’s very limiting to how we show up. It will trigger anxiety and nervousness and the pattern of worrying. Everything snowballs.

Here’s what came up for her… she had a grandfather in the Great Depression, and he was wealthy. He had his own manufacturing company. The thing was, is that he was also a gambler, and he gambled the whole manufacturing plant away, and the family lost their fortune. She had a fear that every time she made a decision, she was going to lose it all. 

After clearing that block, the indecisiveness and second guessing, she doubled her income.

It does NOT mean that things show up the same way for the children, or your siblings. The point is that epigenetics is an expression of the inherited experiences, the life experiences of your ancestors.

It’s NOT Bad Karma

Inherited emotional DNA is not bad karma. It’s not because you did anything wrong, and it’s not because of a past life.

This is just because we’re humans and we agreed to come to Earth. We wanted a physical body. 

The beautiful thing that I call the tender mercy of the universe is that we can change it. We don’t have to own it. We don’t. 

We also inherit beautiful things. I am not finding fault. No one is a victim and there is no one to blame. And you are empowered to change it! 

The good things that we inherit are our gifts and our talents. We inherit all of the good qualities. 

Discover the power of epigenetics, how we inherit more than just eye color from our ancestors. 

It’s not your fault or anyone’s fault, but it does affect the actions you take and the decisions you make!

Our soul is powerful, but it’s really hard to feel empowered on a consistent basis if we’re constantly in battle with things that we get hung up on.

Epigenetics are always changing, which means you have the power to change what no longer serves you and embrace your life purpose! 

What You’ll Discover In This Video

🔥 Learn about inherited patterns, and what Epigenetics is (and isn’t)
🔥 Find out how you can become empowered to change and clear your inherited patterns
🔥 Learn how these patterns show up in your life.
🔥 Why it’s important to realize that it’s no one’s fault
🔥 How you can change your future by looking at your Epigenetics and clearing these inherited patterns. It’s life changing!


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