How To Open Up Your Life To Miracles

The idea that a loving and benevolent universe (or source or God) exists can be a hard concept for many to believe in…and even if they believe that such a generous power exists, it is a further leap of faith to believe this source is involved and interested in our day to day lives and is the creator and giver of miracles.

Modern day miracles are often explained away, or the narrative changed so that the idea of a higher power does not have to be considered.  When presented with something that cannot be explained, many will resort to skepticism and the true awesomeness of the event is downplayed or outright rejected.

Others, who may have been witness to a miracle in someone else’s life might even concede that something wonderful and unexplained indeed occur…but they reject the idea, either consciously or unconsciously that they themselves could be the recipient of a great gift from the universe.

If you have ever thought any of the following thoughts or spoken the following beliefs, you may have inadvertently squashed the ability of this benevolent source to work a miracle in your own life.

“That will never happen for me”

“I don’t see how that could ever be possible”

“I’ve given up on that dream”

“If it was going to happen, it would have already”

“I’m not good enough/smart enough/beautiful enough/religious enough for that to happen”

“I make my own fate – I will receive what I deserve based on my hard work/goodness/generosity to others” (Karma)

These statements are the exact opposite of what you should be affirming if you want to open yourself up to the possibility of miraculous change in your life.

The idea of Karma suggests that you ‘get what you deserve’….whereas the idea of grace, benevolence, and mercy trumps the idea of Karma and says that the Universe wishes to give you ‘beyond what you think you deserve’…beyond what you could ask or imagine…a miracle.

In order to be in a place where you can receive this infinite flow of miracles and abundance in your life, you need to first recognize your own infinite worth. The idea that you are someone ‘not worthy’ or ‘not chosen’ to receive abundance, joy, and healing into your experience is a fierce lie that needs to be acknowledged and neutralized by TRUTH.

Faith is a discipline…a muscle… that needs to be worked out in your own individual life. I fully recognize that you will not instantly go from believing lies to believing the truth, but the more you allow the words of truth to wash over you through speaking affirmations, the more quickly your perspective and your life will open up to the divine goodness that is yours by right.

Affirm the following truths to open your life up to miracles

I am 100% deserving of miracles to manifest in my life

I now and always choose thoughts that heal and empower me

I am 100% deserving of having angels in my life

I now release my need to punish myself for mistakes of the past

There are no limits to whom I can become and what I can achieve

What I focus on becomes bigger, I choose to focus with gratitude for what I have, to allow the miracle of more to occur

When these truths become YOUR truths, your life will open up in ways you never thought possible.

Watch with anticipation and recognize miracles when they occur…those ‘coincidences’ or suddenly running into the exact person you need to help solve your problem is the way the Universe gets your attention and strengthens that ‘faith” muscle.  

Then… begin to use your miracles to make a difference to others and be a part of transforming the world. This is what flow is all about…the universe moving forward and reconciling all things for good!

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