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5 Signs You Have Inherited Trapped Emotions

Did you know that things like eye color and musical abilities are not the only gifts you may have inherited from your parents and grandparents?

It is more than likely that you have also inherited emotions, trauma and unconscious patterns from your ancestors.

In the same way that predispositions of eye color, talents and stature are inherited through your DNA, you also receive emotional imprints from the past experiences of your ancestors.

This is most prominently seen in something called Generational Trauma where the trauma experienced by a group of people has continuing consequences for those several generations down the line. This has been documented in descendants of victims of the holocaust, slavery, refugees and the colonization of native communities.

Innate or unexplained feeling of fear are some of the most common ways that we see inherited emotions expressed in individuals.

In women we often see this expressed as feelings of not being safe, needing to remain “hidden” or aligning with/pleasing men in exchange for “protection”. After thousands of years of patriarchy which was the sole determinant of a woman’s worth, morality, reputation and safety, many women still carry around generational effects of experiences their mothers, grandmother’s and women as a whole, endured.

So how do you know if you are being affected by inherited emotions? Here are five signs that you have inherited trapped emotions

  1. You have unexplained fears or phobias that are not related to your own life experiences.
  2. You have unexplained pain or illness since early childhood.
  3. You find yourself very sensitive or “overreacting” to certain negative situations
  4. You feel trapped, like there is something stopping you from moving forward with your life.
  5. You repeatedly make the same mistakes and are locked in patterns of addiction or self-destruction.

If one or more of the above ring true for you, it is quite possible that you have inherited trapped emotions.

Inherited trapped emotions will be a part of the “grid” that you see all your life experiences through. If there is a grid of fear, trauma or addiction, that will influence all your life experiences in very specific ways. It will become an unconscious factor in all the decisions you make and can cause you to become trapped and unable to move forward.

Inherited fears have contributed to the survival of the human species, much in the same way “instincts” for animals work to protect their species. The problem occurs when the fear becomes outdated and is no longer serving your highest good. If you have an inherited fear of “being visible” because at some point “blending in” was vital to your ancestor’s survival, you may not be able to put yourself out there or get up on stage to share your talents with the world.

Inherited fears need to be acknowledged and released so that they no longer remain part of the grid. Because they live in the subconscious, they can be difficult to access, and you may require the help of a qualified Energy Practitioner to fully release them.

Repeating affirmations can also be helpful as they will be truth to the false beliefs that the inherited emotions are projecting. Repeat the following affirmations daily for 10 days. The ones where you feel a sense of resistance when you say them are the ones that are coming up against some of your inherited false beliefs. Keep speaking truth to these beliefs until they are dissolved.

I no longer give fear my power as I faithfully step out of my comfort zone

I am a powerful creator​ with divine​ and unlimited potential​

I safely release the fears that no longer serve me

I am moving forward, confident and courageous​ in living a purposeful​ life

I have one life to live, ​ I choose to live it in purposeful​ ways

As you begin to recognize the effects of inherited fears and emotions in your life you can acknowledge them one by one and work towards releasing all that no longer serves you, including fear. This will allow you to step forward into your truth with confidence and an innate understanding of your divine purpose.

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