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Is It Time To Turn The Page?

As human beings we seem to have an innate fear of change. We like our routines and the security that comes with a steady paycheck, fixed address and predictable schedule.

These are all good things and blessings that we need to give thanks for as they are not realities for a large portion of the world…

But…did you know that they can also be the very things that hold us back from our next chapter…our calling or our true purpose.

Closing the door on a secure job with a steady paycheck and good health benefits seems like a really bad idea…unless the job is sucking the life out of you and causing you to fall into despair.

Saying good-bye to a long-term relationship or friendship is an incredibly difficult thing, but if you do not have the ability to continue the relationship and live in authentic truth, joy, peace or mutual understanding…it may be time to walk out the door.

Living in a familiar place with its manicured lawns and good schools may be the reasonable thing to do…but if you know that your purpose is waiting for you in another area of the world it may be time to consider other options.

There is a tension between needing to play it safe and needing to experience the life that you know you were put here on this planet to experience…

We need to be wise and make good choices for the people, responsibilities and items that have been entrusted to us. There are seasons when we need to put others ahead of our own dreams and desires.

At the same time, we also need to make decisions to move forward in our divine purposes, even when it means sacrifice, less secure circumstances and other people not understanding or approving.

Knowing in your heart when it is time to turn the page is something that only you can know. It is good to seek wise and loving counsel for any big life decision…but sometimes…you just know…it’s time to go.

Maybe that year long trip overseas is going to kill your chance at a promotion. Maybe selling your house during a bad market is not the best idea…but you know it’s now or never.

If you let the fear of everything that could possibly go wrong stand in your way, you will never make the leap. You will stay on the same page forever.  

Consider the following affirmations as you work through fears surrounding your big life decisions. As you work through these affirmations and then consciously think about your decision, you will have a better internal sense for the direction you need to move in.

I am confident and believe that good things are happening now and in the future

It is in my divine right to be purposeful, confident and financially prosperous

I make wise decisions that are aligned with my divine purpose

I thank my fears for making me aware of danger and affirm that I will make my decision with confidence and certainty

I no longer give fear my power as I faithfully step out of my comfort zone

I know that whatever happens that I am walking in truth and fulfilling the purposes I am here to fulfill

Think about that one thing that you know you are here to do. Is it time to step into new circumstances that will lead to the fulfillment of that dream? Is it time to leave the familiar, the safe, the known, for the unfamiliar, the less certain and the unknown? 

Trust your heart. It will either tell you “yes”, or “wait”. Then at the right time you will respond confidently, fearlessly and joyfully as you move into the flow of purpose.

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