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If your life is playing on repeat, do this…

Do you find yourself replaying the same old life scenarios over and over again?

Do you end up choosing the same type of partners or friendships that result in the same dysfunction or pain?

Are you constantly fighting the same issues, fears, addictions and conflicts?

Are you seeing patterns in the way your life is playing out in terms of your finances, job or business?

If you said yes to any of the above, it is a sign that your life is playing on repeat…

We have all been placed here on this earth for a precise purpose and we have specific lessons that we each need to learn…

When you begin to notice the same scenarios or outcomes popping up in your life, that is a sign for you to sit up and take notice…

Patterns in our outcomes are an indication that there is a default mode of operation that is in control. This is likely an unconscious pattern that we are not even aware exists.

Most of the decisions we make everyday are processed through an unconscious grid of past experiences, learned behaviors and inherited energy that has been passed down to us from our parents and grandparents through our DNA.

This energy is the body’s way of protecting itself as learned behaviors contributed to the evolution and survival of our species over hundreds of thousands of years.

The problem with these learned behaviors is that many of the ways these energy signatures are trying to protect us no longer serve our highest good and can stop us from moving out of surviving mode into a thriving mode.

A perfect example of this is if your ancestors lived through a time where there was a lot of food scarcity. They may have even learned the saying “eat for the hunger that is coming” which means, eat as much as you can when there is food around because it will help you survive the times when there is no food.

While this survival mechanism helped your ancestors who lived through poverty, famine or slavery, this learned behavior is not helpful in a time and place where there is constant access to food. If you struggle with overeating, it could be that this is an inherited learned behavior.

Another example would be what you learned about relationships in your early life. You may have learned that men hit their wives and children and that it was safer for you to remain in the background and not draw attention to yourself. Clearly this will affect both your choice of romantic partners and your ability to speak your truth.

When you see unhealthy patterns cropping up in your life, you need to take time to reflect and listen to what the universe is trying to tell you…

What lessons are you supposed to learn?

The same scenario will repeat itself until you learn the lesson that you are here to learn. You may find that each subsequent scenario will be a bit more painful or obvious so that you eventually choose the path of healing and wisdom over the path that is causing you continued pain.

You may need to enlist the help of an energy practitioner to help you identify and break free from some of these really stuck learned and inherited energies.

Affirmations can also be a helpful tool to reaffirm truth over lies that you may unconsciously be believing as a result of negative patterns occurring in your life, and can work to loosen some of the stuck energy that is locking you into negative cycles.

Remember the following as they will lead you towards truth…

I 100% embrace and accept joy and happiness into my life right now.

I am letting go of the past and embracing my life fearlessly in this moment.

I am letting go of all beliefs, habits and behaviors that no longer serve my highest good.

I am moving forward and affirm my infinite value and worth.

I silence my inner critic and replace it with thoughts of self-love and acceptance.

I am ready to leap into new patterns of abundance, joy and happiness.

I am safe to be seen and heard. I am safe to be successful.     

From now on, instead of looking at negative patterns in your life as something that controls you, detach from the situation and ask, “what is the lesson I need to learn”, or “what belief is fueling this pattern?”  When you are able to answer those questions, you will find the resources you need to break the cycle and leap forward into a new way of being.

What if not forgiving your family, the past or yourself is a negative pattern that is keeping you from moving forward?

Forgiveness allows freedom in your life. Learn more about The Freedom Through Forgiveness Program.

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