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5 Signs You Need to Work on Your Money Psychology

Do you know that one of the biggest factors in your ability to attract money into your life has to do with your money psychology?  What you believe about money can be a stronger determining factor on your level of wealth than your intelligence, education and even your work ethic.

Your money psychology includes both your conscious and unconscious ideas and beliefs around money and impacts your personal ability to earn, hold and grow money. When the foundations of your money psychology are based on the laws of scarcity, you will manifest results of “never enough” and “hard to come by”.When your foundation is based on the laws of abundance you will reap abundance. It’s really that simple…sort of.

While it really is that simple, changing your money psychology from one of scarcity to one of abundance takes discipline and dedication to a complete mental makeover.  Our established beliefs and mental pathways can be tricky to unlock and revise so this process requires intention, repetition and an awareness that can take time to master.

So how do you know if your money psychology needs an upgrade? Here are 5 signs that are a good indication that something needs to change at a foundational level.

  1. No matter how much money you make, you live paycheck-to-paycheck.
  2. You grew up poor or middle class and remain below where you want to be financially.
  3. You have feelings of jealousy or even disgust when you hear how the rich spend their money.
  4. You believe earning a million dollars (or one hundred thousand dollars, or ten thousand dollars) is a lot of money.
  5. You are not where you want to be financially, but you make the same amount of money as your friends or family.

Each of these signs can point directly to an environment or thought that enforces the wrong beliefs about money. Your past and present money patterns are a good indicator of what your future money situation will be…unless you make some big changes. You believe what your experience tells you to believe.

For instance, if you grew up in an affluent family you would grow up with a very different “base expectation” of money than somebody who grew up on food stamps in social housing. An affluent child learns that there is always enough and that you can use this never-ending source of money to have or experience whatever you want. All the other children and families that they associate with confirm this belief because it is true for them as well.

A child who grew up in poverty or even in a middle-class family learns that there is a strong limit on the amount of money available and that there is never enough to go around. They learn that money is hard to come by and that their parents need to work really hard. They learn that rich people are just lucky and that the reality of everybody else is a struggle and lack. This is confirmed by their environment and all the other people they associate with.

Do you see how these different environments will produce completely different beliefs about money?

Can you see how your childhood environment is contributing to your own money psychology?

Affirmations are one of the tools that you can use to begin to unblock your beliefs and change your money psychology. When you state the following affirmations out loud, stop and observe any physical or mental responses such as a pit in your stomach, a mental “eye roll” or feelings of unworthiness. These are good indications that your negative beliefs run deep and will need some additional attention and subconscious work!

Money comes easily and frequently to me and there is always more than enough.

I am attracting wealth and prosperity in unlimited abundance for my highest good.

I am easily accepting an increase in money abundance.

I am no longer addicted to the inherited pattern of spending all my money.

Money is a positive resource that allows me to live my best life.

I give myself permission to live my best life.

It’s time for you to leave behind the old beliefs, lies, and patterns about money that you are holding onto and embrace the truth of the joy-filled, wealth-creating abundance that is your inheritance. Believe and receive!  

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