Now more than ever, it seems we are plagued daily by the “outside voices”… And many of them are being bullies.

It is these bully voices that seek to suppress your inner divinity and hold you back from trusting in your own empowered voice.

Think about this for just a moment or two.  Every time you log in to your social media, what is the ratio of negative to positive voices?

Half and half?  7 to 2?  Or even 9 negatives for every positive post?

It can seem to be too much to bear.  Leaving you feeling lost and uncertain of your own powerful voice.

And those bully voices can seem unstoppable… 

But they can be conquered.

So in today’s invigorating content, I want to give you 3 short and sweet tips on how to quiet the bully voices in your world.

1:  Listen For “The Knock”

For many years, I did my best to ignore my spiritual and energetic gifts. 

Even though I would feel certain begging to come out of me… I would hide them away.  That was safe.  At least that’s what I thought.

When in fact, those “inner promptings” were doing their best to unleash my highest calling.  They were virtually begging for me…TO BE ME.

These inner promptings, these voices, I like to call “The Knock.”

Think of it this way.  

Every time you feel your intuition calling to you… pushing you to expand your life… it’s just a knock on the door of your heart, mind and spirit.

Sometimes “The Knock” will be a soft whisper.

Other times it will feel like a sledgehammer to your soul.

Either way, your intuition can only knock.  You must open the door.

And don’t worry, many times I chose not to open the door provided by my intuition.  The greatest blessing is that your intuition continues to knock until you’re ready to embrace your gift.

You must simply allow yourself to open the door.

2:  Talk To Yourself ????

Sounds silly right?  It’s not.  I should know because I’ve been doing it for years and it’s always served me.

So am I encouraging you to blurt out random thoughts while waiting in line at your local Whole Food Market?  Not quite. (Plus you might get some funny looks)

I’m talking about giving yourself the time and space to be alone with what your intuition is sharing with you.  To truly LISTEN to your inner voice.

Because it is that deep calling inside of you that knows what you most desire.  Those things that cause your spirit to ache with a burning need to bring them into creation.

And one of the best ways to turn those thoughts into wondrous reality is by speaking them into existence.  But not just in your head… 


Speak from your intuition with passion, certainty and turn up the volume!

Let the neighbors think you’re coo coo.  You deserve to fully embrace the empowering visions your intuition is guiding you to express.

3:  Lean Into Your Trust

So you’ve heard “The Knock.”  You’ve allowed yourself to speak life over yourself through embracing your voice.  

What’s next?

Now is your time to lean into your trust.

Allow yourself to fall with faith into an exquisite flow of taking action.  Because hearing “The Knock” and speaking your voice is not enough.

You must DO.

And I completely understand that you might have some hesitation on committing to the next step on your path.  

Worried and wondering, “Is this the right thing to do?”

There is no perfect answer for that question.  Just as there is no perfect life…no matter how hard we try to craft one.

This is where you must trust and lean into YOU.

There is a glorious power of expansion swirling inside you.

It’s just waiting to reveal itself and bless your life in ways you never imagined before!  

And those pesky bully voices of the world?

Watch as they fade away into silence.

Leaving you only with YOUR VOICE.

Honor yours today.

Sending love,