6 Ways to Release Trapped Emotions From Your Body

Did you know that our cells all have memory?

Whatever is going on in our environment is being recorded by not only our brain, but also our body. In fact, even when our brain is not consciously recording something, our body still is.

Our body will hold trauma, anger, fear, isolation and many other emotions without us being consciously aware of it.

Most of us were never taught the idea that our emotions can get trapped in our body. On some level we understand this idea because we say things such as “I could feel it in my gut that something was wrong”, or “my heart leaped out of my chest”.

Any emotion that is not given its proper place to be expressed can get trapped. Trapped emotions can show up as pain, muscle tension, PTSD, anxiety or even an illness or disease process.

Most of us lack the awareness and understanding on how to release trapped emotions or even that this is something that we should be regularly doing.

Energy Practitioners have the skill and giftings to identify and release stuck emotions and having a regular session with them can help ensure that there are no lingering blockages.

There are also things that you can do daily to help clear away any unwanted buildup of stuck emotions…

Here are 6 ways that you can release emotions from your body     

  1. Get Physical – Many of us do this intuitively already where we will “go for a run” or “go workout” to release a buildup of emotion. Other physical releases include stretching, yoga, dancing, or even intentionally shaking your body or doing EFT tapping.
  2. Get emotional – Having a good cry or laugh can be one of the best ways to release stuck emotions. If there is a buildup of emotion, a trigger might cause a heightened response. (ie you laugh hysterically at something that is only mildly funny or you cry over something that you normally wouldn’t)
  3. Get Quiet – Taking time to pause in your day to review tension in your body or “off” feelings and then asking yourself questions until you figure out why it’s there is another powerful way to validate your emotions. Meditation or contemplation can help you access subconscious feelings.
  4. Get talking – Voicing your emotions, to someone you trust, or in a journal is a great way to give voice to stuck emotions.
  5. Get artistic – Painting, writing, dancing and playing music are all other great ways to give expression to what you are feeling.

Remember the following truth statements to help you become more aware and understanding of trapped emotions and their effect on your life and to remind you to make time to release stuck feelings. 

I give voice to all my emotions in healthy ways

Self-reflection is part of my daily self-care routine

I give physical voice to my emotions through art, movement or journaling

I confidently seek help whenever I need it

Becoming more aware of how your body holds onto emotions will allow you to reduce blockages and keep you in a place of receiving divine blessings. 

Not forgiving your family, the past or yourself can be a block to releasing trapped emotions.

Forgiveness allows freedom in your life. Learn more about The Freedom Through Forgiveness Program. 


Lisa Thomas is a transformational leader, gifted healer and intuitive coach. She integrates business with her natural gifts to help her clients embrace all of life.

Working with talented people from all walks of life, to help them get their gifts and talents into the world in a more significant way; she believes everyone deserves to be seen, known and heard for who they are.

Lisa is devoted to reconnecting people to their Soul’s purpose, so they can experience more love, joy and financial abundance.

She has helped thousands of people worldwide to achieve their business and life goals by releasing Inherited Emotional DNA, such as fear of success, fear of failure, anxiety, procrastination, fear of public speaking, false money beliefs, relationship drama, and business stagnation.

She does this within her small-group programs, private coaching and Meditation Healing Activation products. She lives in Los Angeles, California, with her husband and family.

She has been featured on Good Morning LaLa LandAllie & YouDare to DreamInspired Conversations, as well as other shows and podcasts. Her book, Mistakes Into Money, will be published in Summer 2019.

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