Where in life would you like to be feeling more joy or happiness?

Everyone has a divine right to experience more joy and happiness on a daily basis. I’m not referring to roller coaster joy rides or extreme emotional highs, but rather gratitude, inner peace, love for self, and the ability to receive love from another.

This will allow one to have continued steady movement forward, versus the on again and off again patterns that slow us down. Those patterns only thwart us, showing up as self-sabotage or having “things” that keep occurring and blocking one’s success and feelings of daily joy?

Patterns present in our lives and subconscious as truth. For example, one might be in the habit of working 24/7 because subconsciously they never feel worthy of having lasting joy or happiness. Maybe it shows up as not taking a vacation, not exercising, or never having enough money.

Overwhelm is both a pattern and a negative emotion. Overwhelm keeps us in internal chaos. We avoid doing what’s best and get caught up doing what’s needed at the moment. Overwhelm causes procrastination and procrastination truly blocks happiness and the ability to live in the present.

What about the pattern of constantly needing to prove yourself, never feeling accomplished or self-accepting. This pattern is most often formed by age seven based on how parents, family members or teachers have treated us. Our best is never good enough, more is always expected and minor errors are presented as major flaws. The pattern of never feeling good enough stops us from experiencing continued success.

This is a false belief, the need for continually proving yourself for validation or worthiness of success.

Often self-sabotage shows up in our love relationships and it can be ever so sly how it presents itself. Yes, affairs fall into this category, but so do the little, often innocent development of emotional relationships outside of a committed relationship.

We inherited self-sabotaging patterns from our lineage, we do not need to keep them, we didn’t do anything wrong to inherit them, nor did your ancestors pass them down on purpose. Isn’t it time to let them go?

Please accept my 30-minute clearing to release some negative emotions that block joy and happiness from lasting longer. Your subconscious will find the emotion that I identify and release it where it shows up in your life, I promise: