1. Learn About Energy Healing

We all bring inherited energy patterns with us when we are born.
Learn how to break free from the unhealthy ones and live a more fulfilling life.

Do you feel Stuck,  Blocked, and  Unable to Change?

It’s time for a different approach.

Release negative patterns.

Clear new pathways to abundance.

Step into your future FREE from the past.

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2. Experience a Healing
Meditations for FREE

Are you tired of feeling stuck? Are you ready to have more peace, love and energy?
What if you could release those tangled emotions that keep you from living the life you know you deserve?

Take charge of your life and clear those false beliefs and root causes that hold you back financially.

You CAN release the connection between self-worth and how much you earn.

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Silence the sabotaging self-talk and activate the power within you to experience a more profitable and enriching career and life without stress.

Finally clear the path to career and financial fulfillment with joy and peace!

Get access to my free guided meditation


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Have you ever felt like only a select, elite few, have the opportunity of achieving financial abundance through work that fulfills them? We have all tried working harder and longer but still, financial security seems out of reach.

Get off the income roller coaster and allow consistent cash flow now with these 10 Daily Wealth Magnet Affirmations!

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Soul Awakening Program

Learn more about getting certified in the “Lisa Thomas Energy Healing Soul Awakening Method.”

We provide you with the education and training you need to hone your skills and get certified in our method in the areas of wellness, as well as spiritual, emotional and energy healing. 

After you are certified, so long as you are compliant with our requirements, then you will be entitled to license our program materials for your use with third parties.

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My life opened up in ways I never thought possible… Working with Lisa Thomas has completely transformed my life. I am making more money, working with more of my ideal clients, and enjoying the work that I do more than ever before.”

Jaime Geffner, Geffner Productions

Working with Lisa, my body and spirit feel so much lighter. I had years of anxiety ‘stuck’ in my body that I just could not get rid of, no matter what I did. Lisa also helped my son overcome his fear of shots, which was a huge deal! We are blessed to have found Lisa!”

May Paolim, SassyED.com

Her work lasts. It’s life changing!I was trapped, stuck, suffocating behind these old emotions I didn’t even know I had! Lisa actually made it possible for my body to heal. It’s not just some feel good for a day then back to old ways. Her work is life changing!”

Sophia Dalton, sophiaruiz.com