The Truth About Failure


The Truth About Failure Some days we feel like we are propelled forward and then only hours or days later we are back at square one.  Two steps forward…three steps back. We celebrate everything that looks like a win and quietly hide anything that looks like a loss… We have this idea that anything that looks like it is taking us backwards


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The Power of Silence


The Power of Silence When is the last time you were in a place of total silence? A place where there was no music or television in the background, no voices, no traffic or even the sound of your fridge running? These true moments of silence are rare and can actually be unnerving for many people when they do happen. Have you


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5 Signs You Have Inherited Trapped Emotions


5 Signs You Have Inherited Trapped Emotions Did you know that things like eye color and musical abilities are not the only gifts you may have inherited from your parents and grandparents? It is more than likely that you have also inherited emotions, trauma and unconscious patterns from your ancestors. In the same way that predispositions of eye color, talents and stature


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When you feel lost, do this one thing


When You Feel Lost, Do This One Thing There are moments in all our lives where we just don’t know… We don’t know what we are doing…how we feel…or what we should be doing next… We are a dull mess of anxiety or confusion… We don’t know how to start…or the next step to take… We feel like we have lost our


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Living in the tension of “AND”


Living in the Tension of “AND” We live in a world that is obsessed with labels and more comfortable with distinct boundaries then blurred lines... Most of us become uneasy with nuance or the inability to place something neatly within one predetermined category or another. When we become so used to placing our experiences “in boxes”, we start defining all the experiences


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What “Sweating the Small Stuff” is Telling You


What “Sweating the Small Stuff” is Telling You Most of us have heard the expression “don’t sweat the small stuff”. “Small stuff” can be defined as anything that, in the bigger scheme of life, is probably inconsequential. Things such as socks on the floor, traffic, your WIFI going down or forgetting to switch the laundry to the dryer. On their own, these


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What are Your Physical Symptoms Trying to Tell You?


What are Your Physical Symptoms Trying to Tell You? What are your physical symptoms trying to tell you? Did you know that there is a corresponding energetic issue for physical symptoms that you may be experiencing? Although this is not a commonly held belief in Western medicine, it is a foundational component of Chinese medicine. The main emphasis in Chinese medicine is


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If your life is playing on repeat, do this…


If your life is playing on repeat, do this... Do you find yourself replaying the same old life scenarios over and over again? Do you end up choosing the same type of partners or friendships that result in the same dysfunction or pain? Are you constantly fighting the same issues, fears, addictions and conflicts? Are you seeing patterns in the way your


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Are you tired of outrage?


Are You Tired of Outrage? It is almost impossible to avoid seeing or hearing about something that leaves you feeling a little disheartened at the state of the world. It seems like every day there is a new situation or story that leads to polarizing views and viral uproar on social media or through the news. Through the shouting matches on hot-button


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When You Feel Alone


When You Feel Alone Being alone is an interesting state to be in… You can be physically alone and not feel alone, or you can be surrounded by hundreds of people and feel very alone… Solitude is a state of being physically alone.  Solitude can be a very healing and healthy place to be.  This type of loneliness can allow you space


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