What Are You Looking At?


What are you looking at? When you are learning to drive a car, you realize very quickly that the car will go exactly where you are looking... If you are looking straight down the road, the car will go straight down the road. If you are looking at the ditch, you will end up in the ditch. We are taught that if


What Are You Looking At?2020-11-24T07:07:08-08:00

Are you a Master of Distraction?


Are you a Master of Distraction? The ability to multitask was once touted as a very positive attribute, but studies are now saying that multitasking is not just inefficient…it could be harming your health. Do you run around all day long from one thing to another but feel like you haven’t accomplished what you need to at the end of the day?


Are you a Master of Distraction?2020-11-24T08:24:47-08:00
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