The Law of Karma & Role Of Forgiveness in Manifesting Your Abundance


Are you feeling stuck, like something's holding you back from the abundance you're seeking? A force that silently influences our lives: karma. But it's not just about karma; it's about the incredible power of forgiveness and how letting go of old judgments can unlock the door to prosperity. I share how these unseen energies can either propel us forward or keep us rooted in place,


The Law of Karma & Role Of Forgiveness in Manifesting Your Abundance2024-04-22T11:04:38-07:00

Artists & Healers: How To Find Your Voice & Impact The World


In this video, I delve into the idea that every creator is an artist and a healer, even if they don't fit the traditional mold. I explore the fear of being seen, the struggle to find a stage big enough to make an impact, and the historical silencing of artists and healers. Here are some key takeaways: Embrace Your Identity: I discuss the frustration of


Artists & Healers: How To Find Your Voice & Impact The World2024-01-05T09:21:30-08:00

The Truth About Failure


The Truth About Failure Some days we feel like we are propelled forward and then only hours or days later we are back at square one.  Two steps forward…three steps back. We celebrate everything that looks like a win and quietly hide anything that looks like a loss… We have this idea that anything that looks like it is taking us backwards


The Truth About Failure2020-11-24T06:45:31-08:00

Is Your Feasting Healthy?


Is Your Feasting Healthy? Food has always been an integral part of celebration in cultures worldwide.  Feasting has been associated with abundance, harvest and even a sign of favor from the gods. Not too long ago, there was a cyclical and seasonal eating pattern that was based primarily on the growing seasons.  There were times of feasting and times of fasting built


Is Your Feasting Healthy?2020-11-24T06:53:17-08:00

What Does Saying Sorry Too Much Say About You?


What Does Saying Sorry Too Much Say About You? Being able to apologize when you are in the wrong is an important part of being an emotionally healthy person. We need to be able to own our mistakes and things that we have done that have hurt other people, and do our best to make amends. However…there are many people who need


What Does Saying Sorry Too Much Say About You?2020-11-24T06:55:17-08:00

Healing through Nature


Healing through Nature When was the last time you were in a place where you could look up at the sky and see the stars without interference from city buildings or lights? When did you last walk barefooted on the earth? When did you last sleep in a place where you were away from electricity, Wi-Fi and cellular signals? If you are


Healing through Nature2020-11-24T08:23:39-08:00
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