Are Your Labels Limiting You?


Are Your Labels Limiting You? If someone were to ask you what your defining identity is, what would you tell them?  What I mean by that is… ...what is the one thing that influences and directs the vast majority of the decisions in your life? Are you a business owner? A caregiver? A cancer survivor? An activist? An employee? An immigrant? An


Are Your Labels Limiting You?2020-11-24T06:58:17-08:00

What Are You Looking At?


What are you looking at? When you are learning to drive a car, you realize very quickly that the car will go exactly where you are looking... If you are looking straight down the road, the car will go straight down the road. If you are looking at the ditch, you will end up in the ditch. We are taught that if


What Are You Looking At?2020-11-24T07:07:08-08:00
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