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Are You Tired of Outrage?

It is almost impossible to avoid seeing or hearing about something that leaves you feeling a little disheartened at the state of the world.

It seems like every day there is a new situation or story that leads to polarizing views and viral uproar on social media or through the news.

Through the shouting matches on hot-button topics like the environment, immigration, racial or gender equality and gun control, we are being constantly inundated with all that is wrong with the world

The sound of outrage rings in our ears as the media focuses on the loudest voices. 

The energy of outrage that comes to these disputes is both exhausting and alienating…

When we are in a state of outrage, we have allowed our passion towards a particular subject to become co-mingled with fear, anger and judgement.

fear that something is moving in a direction that negatively affects our lives or the lives of those we align with.

anger that what is so clearly wrong in our eyes cannot be seen by “the others”.

judgement of “the others” who we see as morally or intellectually inferior.

We have produced a culture of outrage and this needs to change…

When we are in a state of fear, anger and judgement we are living and making decisions in a low-vibrational state that can only produce more low vibration energy and low vibrational results.

This can even lead to outrage over much smaller issues in our lives such as…our neighbor’s lawn, the potholes on the road, or the towels and socks our kids continue to leave on the floor. 

These are much smaller issues but can be aligned in the exact same energy of outrage.

Outrage will never lead to positive solutions…it locks us into unmovable positions…

So, what do we do? 

We need to start by consciously choosing the energy that is propelling our passion…

Are we choosing to be moved within the energy of love, respect, abundance, wisdom, peace and acceptance to drive our purpose?

Choosing the latter can seem counter intuitive in the face of outrage from “the others” but it is the only way to effectively break the cycle…

Use the following “intentions” to help you release yourself from the energy of outrage. 

I help others feel heard and valued without sacrificing my own values and beliefs

I speak and act from a place of love and understanding

I am secure in who I am and do not take offense from those who disagree with me

I send peace to those who oppose me

Can you imagine what would happen if everyone took this position instead of trying to shout over each other or win an argument?  

We could turn our culture of outrage into a culture of understanding, respect and cooperation where we move forward with purpose that will lead to real solutions.

Isn’t that what we all want…me too!

Here’s a question: What if the inability to forgive your family, the past or yourself is fueling your outrage?

Forgiveness allows freedom and abundance into your life. 

Learn more about The Freedom Through Forgiveness Program.

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