You Owe You:  Invite Your Infinite Self

Today I wanted to encourage you to write out a very special invitation.

But not to your mother or father…Not to your life partner.

And not to your children or your inner circle of trusted friends.

No strangers either.  

Well…actually I take that back.

Once you design this special invitation inside of your heart, mind, and spirit…

You might feel as if you’re sending it to a stranger.

Because today this invitation will be going out to YOU.

Does this sound like I’ve gone a bit off the deep end of woo woo? ????

Don’t worry.  Just keep reading and you’ll see how this all makes sense.

Where Have YOU Been Hiding?

Inside of all my deep work over the years inside the world of healing through epigenetics, there’s one thing that is always a constant.

Limiting beliefs

And while many of my clients might even be aware of these from time to time, they still find themselves feeling stuck.

Spinning on a merry-go-round of living like a restricted soul.  Feeling the pull of wanting to let go of the old and yet their grip on the past will not release.

Yet as they keep twirling in circles, they know there is a version of them that is powerful.  That is certain.  That is worthy of infinite opulence!

But their limiting beliefs force that version of themselves back into hiding.

Socked away in a tiny cell of uncertainty and lack of faith in themselves.

Try as they might, their limiting beliefs keep their ability to expand tucked away.  And each day they wake up playing a never ending game of hide and seek with their true abundance.

This is where Your Invitation arrives…

Release And Extend Your Hand To Receive Your Gift

Now in last week’s blog post, we talked about how releasing limiting beliefs opens the door to hitting your new year’s resolutions with ease.

This week, we’re taking things far deeper.

So I want to take you through a short visualization.  

This way we can create your own divine invitation together ok? 

 Read this next section with a clear and open mind.  Then practice your visualization as often as you wish.

Let’s begin.

**I want you to imagine that you’re standing behind a massive waterfall.  Raging columns of water crashing down in front of you.

You’re standing in a cave behind this waterfall and can feel the slick rock under your bare feet.

The wall of water seems to close off every part of the cave.  Not one inch of space open for you to walk through.  The roar of the waterfall is deafening.

Now I want you to imagine yourself standing just a foot behind the waterfall.  You can feel the sprinkles of water dance on your skin.

As you stand there, look to your left…then to your right and see the entirety of this wall of water.  Now look straight ahead and close your eyes.

Imagine that every ounce of the waterfall represents your limiting beliefs…no matter how big or small.

It could be a scarcity around money because as a kid you never got that treasured Star Wars toy for Christmas.

Or maybe it’s the lingering pain of a lost relationship that planted the false belief that true love just wasn’t meant to be.

No matter what your limiting beliefs are, see them falling in front of you as part of this massive and powerful waterfall.

Feel yourself standing strong right in front of it.  

And as you stand there, you start to feel someone near you.  You can’t explain it, but they are right there.

You can feel a tingle of energy surge to your hands.  They seem to be vibrating with an unexplainable sense of abundance…

A deep feeling of divine creation.

Now I want you to see yourself raising your hands up in front of you to your chest.  Place both your hands over your heart and breathe deep once.

Now twice.  And then a third time.

And with each new breath, you feel a smile of joy spread across your face.

It’s like you’re smiling for the very first time EVER.

Now as you feel your smile beaming, take your hands and reach through the waterfall.  Don’t worry…the water isn’t cold or hot…it’s the most perfect soothing temperature.

Are you reaching through the waterfall now?  

Can you feel your hands extended in front of you? 

Can you feel all your limiting beliefs falling all around you inside the water?

Washing away your doubts, fears and uncertainty?

Now open your hands as wide as you can…REACH.

That is when you feel someone else’s hands grab hold of yours.

You feel this person slowly pull you through the waterfall.

And as you come through this barrier of limiting beliefs, you see who it is.

It’s YOU.

The Divine YOU.

And you both begin to release tears of abundant joy as you embrace.

Squeezing each other so tight it feels like you’re embracing PURE LOVE.

Endless abundance


And you are

You’re embracing YOUR INFINITE SELF.

The version of you who’s been hidden away for too long.

But now…

You’re both free.

Because you finally chose to extend your invitation to who you’ve always been called to be in this world.

Allow yourself to receive this special invitation today.

You Owe You


Release and Receive your Blessings!

Sending love and healing,


P.S.  I’ve also included the audio version here for your listening pleasure!

Simply tap the play button below now.