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Meet Lisa Thomas

Lisa Thomas is a sought-after epigenetics expert, speaker, author, and transformational leader who contributes to society by facilitating accelerated healing.

Through the expansion of self-awareness, people are empowered to embrace collaboration and contribute to transforming the future of society.
She has helped thousands of people worldwide achieve  their business and life goals by releasing inherited emotional DNA, such as fear of success, fear of failure, anxiety, procrastination, fear of public speaking, limiting money beliefs, relationship drama, and business stagnation. 
Lisa achieves this through private coaching, small group programs, Infinite Opulence – Healing Activation products, and her Soul Awakening Method™ certification for healers. 
Lisa has been featured on Good Morning  LaLa Land, Allie & You, Dare to Dream, Inspired Conversations, Spirit Purpose Energy, as well as other stages and podcasts. Her book, Mistakes Into Money, is available on Amazon. 
Lisa Thomas

Speaking Topics

The proud mother of three children, Lisa lives in the Los Angeles area with her husband and light of her life, Stephen. An appreciator of the natural world, she enjoys backpacking with her husband, playing at the beach, and spending time in her garden whenever possible.

Connect with Lisa online at LisaThomasEnergyHealing.com or on Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube.

3 Powerful Topics to Help Your Audience

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Activate Your DNA for Greater Success: Releasing the Emotional Blocks and Patterns You Inherited from Your Ancestors

Just like your hair color, height, and likelihood of developing certain diseases are passed down via physical DNA, you also inherit feelings, beliefs and ways of viewing the world through the emotional DNA that’s passed down from generation to generation. This DNA can result in a fear of success, fear of failure, anxiety, procrastination, excess weight, fear of public speaking, false money beliefs, relationship drama, and business stagnation. During this eye-opening session, intuitive life coach and inherited energy expert Lisa Thomas will reveal how your epigenetics can affect your results – and what you can do.

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Step Into Your Purpose: Releasing the Inherited Emotional DNA That Keeps You Playing Small and Procrastinating Living Your Dreams

Are you successful … but also know that you aren’t living your purpose? Do you have a dream about what you want to achieve with your life … but feel like you’ve missed your chance and now it’s too late? Can you see what you should be doing to create the life you want to live … but keep procrastinating on important tasks and strategies? The emotional DNA we inherit from our ancestors can dramatically limit our success by convincing us to stay small and play safe. During this empowering session, intuitive life coach and inherited energy expert Lisa Thomas will reveal how to activate your emotional DNA to finally create a life that’s aligned with your soul’s purpose.

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Rev Up Your Money Magnet: Releasing the Inherited Emotional DNA That Is Repelling Money and Limiting Your Wealth

Are you caught in a cycle of never having “enough” money – not matter how much your revenue and income grow? Do you want more money, but feel guilty about your desire for more … and doubtful about whether you deserve it? Do you recognize that you undervalue the gifts you bring to this world … but don’t know how to stop sabotaging yourself? It’s not your fault. Your thoughts, feelings, actions and results are being controlled by the limiting money beliefs and traumatic money experiences of your ancestors that were passed down in your cellular memory. Good news, though. You can break free – and finally attract the wealth that is your spiritual birthright.

See Lisa in Action

What People Are Saying About Seeing Lisa Thomas

Jaime Geffner

My life opened up in ways I never thought possible…

“My life opened up in ways I never thought possible… Working with Lisa Thomas has completely transformed my life. I am making more money, working with more of my ideal clients, and enjoying the work that I do more than ever before.”
Jaime Geffner, Geffner Productions
Candice Brammer
Not only has it helped me guide my clients to heal at even deeper levels than before…
“ I researched and researched…..coming across some amazing healing techniques but nothing that I personally resonated with. Then I came across Lisa’s Soul Awakening Method. WOW! This class far exceeded my expectations in every way. Not only has it helped me guide my clients to heal at even deeper levels than before but it has helped me to heal and overcome some habits of my own.”
Candice Brammer
Lisa Bailey
Soul Awakening allows you, the practitioner, to take your client’s healing to a deeper level…
“My own clients have reported to me that they feel the ‘deep dive’ Soul Awakening takes them on as they progress through a session. Lisa Thomas has also reminded me how critically important it is to trust my own intuition, to trust my own spiritual gifts and allow them to expand through my own experience as an energy healer.”
Lisa Bailey, Living With Wholeness

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