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If you are ready to let go of fear, pain, burdens and dread…I can help.


Hi, I’m Lisa Thomas and I’m an Inherited Energy Expert and Transformational Guide. A lot of people ask, “What is Inherited Energy“? And why is it important for me to be aware of it and work with it?

Inherited energy is the energy that is passed down to us on a cellular and soul level.  It’s not something you ‘see’ but it is something you feel and it often drives you to make decisions or repeat patterns in your life that don’t serve you and keep you from living abundantly and with joy. Do you ever ask yourself why you do what you do? Or maybe, you struggle with making repeated unhealthy decisions and can’t put your finger on it.

Have you ever had someone say to you, “You are just like your mother” or “You are just like your father”? The reason is that you carry physical traits AND you carry emotional traits that show up in every relationship, every decision and every good or difficult experience you have.

What I do, through guided Healing Meditations, is I help you tap into your subconscious, access those inherited qualities and begin the process of sorting out what serves you and what doesn’t so you can release the burden energy that holds you hostage.

If you are ready to stop living in fear and maybe you have forgotten who you really are,  guided Healing Meditations can help.

If you are ready to release the burden of perfectionism and people pleasing, I can help.

How Lisa can help you in your transformation process…




Soul Awakening Program

Learn more about getting certified in the “Lisa Thomas Energy Healing Soul Awakening Method.”

We provide you with the education and training you need to hone your skills and get certified in our method in the areas of wellness, as well as spiritual, emotional and energy healing. 

After you are certified, so long as you are compliant with our requirements, then you will be entitled to license our program materials for your use with third parties.

learn more about the soul awakening program


Lisa is amazingly gifted and she knows how to use her gifts to help people heal and experience life like never before. She can release blockages that are keeping you from reaching your full potential. Please allow her to work with you and you will be forever grateful.”

Linda Law Potts

Lisa is one of the most powerful healers I know. If you are ready to let go of your past and have a dramatic shift forward in all areas of your life, reach out to Lisa Thomas. I highly recommend her.

Allison Maslan, Allison Maslan International

Had been chipping away at an inherited impasse for frustrating years. I could see it clearly but not until a session with Lisa did it resolve at the root! Walked away feeling like an old worn coat was gone from my shoulders. More solidly me. An incredible feeling of clarity. This & so much more! Warm & wonderful, Lisa is a gift to living whole!

Allison Spencer