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Meet Lisa Thomas

Inherited Energy Expert & Intuitive Life Coach

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Meet Lisa Thomas

Inherited Energy Expert & Intuitive Life Coach

Lisa Thomas, is a renowned Global Epigenetics Master and the creator of the transformative Soul Awakening Method™ and Inner Empowerment Matrix™. With a focus on unlocking untapped potential, igniting radical growth, and activating global impact, Lisa has dedicated her career to guiding high-achieving individuals beyond the confines of conventional success to achieve profound personal and professional breakthroughs.

As an international mentor and keynote speaker, Lisa’s insights into Epigenetics have revolutionized the approach to personal development and leadership. Her unique methods involve delving deep into inherited emotional DNA, enabling clients—from global business leaders to celebrities and emerging entrepreneurs—to overcome inherited limitations and realign their lives with their true purposes.

Author of the enlightening book “Mistakes Into Money,” Lisa’s influence is recognized globally in the media: She has been featured in USA Today and on Good Morning LaLa Land, amongst others, as well as many podcasts and stages around the world.

Lisa in the Media

How Your DNA and Epigenetics Impact Your Relationships with Lisa Thomas

In this rare opportunity to access our brilliance, we unpack our collective past and inherited patterns and how epigenetics play in our ability to form flourishing connections.

Epigenetics, Transform Inherited Emotional DNA patterns for Accelerated Healing

On this episode, Dr. Cynthia and I discuss Epigenetics and your DNA and how to transform inherited emotional DNA patterns for accelerated healing.

Clear Emotional Blocks That Keep You From Your Potential, with Lisa Thomas

On this episode, Lisa explains how we are made of energy and that when your energy is blocked, it slows you down physically and emotionally. It is not always a clear pathway, just like how hitting a wall can hurt you. When energy has been stuck in a certain area, it can prevent actual blockages in our daily lives.

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Lisa Thomas – Good Morning LaLa Land

Lisa visits the morning cast of Good Morning La La Land and shares how she discovered she had spiritual gifts and what she’s doing to help people release inherited thoughts and emotions that have been past down in their families for generations.

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Let me help you release the blocks that are holding you back from achieving the level of success you want in your business.


Let me help you release the blocks that are holding you back from realizing your life’s vision.


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