In this video, l draw on my own background as an Epigenetics energy healer to answer the question of how to heal yourself, and to address some myths surrounding healing and transformation.



Perceived barriers to a life of abundance.

Any barrier that you observe happening in your outer or inner world – be it financial, relational, stuckness, or generational right, or that general feeling of lack of scarcity – is your reality, but is a false understanding of the universe because the true nature of the universe that exists is abundance

You may say to me, “But Lisa, the ceiling on my income is real or my lack of time is real.” I hear you and I understand. 

However, my job, mission and soul’s purpose is to show you how to step out of your perceived experience of lack, and accept and enter into the true reality that is your divine right. I do this through a very specific method of identifying, releasing and replacing low energy, inherited emotions like fear, trauma experiences and perfectionism, for example, that are showing up in your life as things like overwhelm, lack of confidence, procrastination, self sabotage, repeating negative cycles in your life, stuckness, chaos, low self worth, scarcity, and even unlovability.

We need to address the fundamental role that generational patterns have on your ability to transform your life. Generational patterns live within you. They get passed down from grandparents to parents to the child. Inherited emotional DNA is exactly like it sounds. We want to promote the positive and pass that along while neutralizing the things that no longer work in our favor. 

Healing yourself is 100% learnable for anyone who desires it. 

The more you practice, the more you build this skill of identifying, releasing and replacing more quickly your life begins to transform. And things you see in your life right now as big, solid, unmovable blocks to abundance begin to fall away miraculously. The coolest part is, when you heal yourself, you also remove the pattern from the past and the future generations. 

How do I learn this? 

I have taught this process to hundreds of people. There are several steps and each one builds upon the other. The first step is really fun because I teach people how to tap into your subconscious knowingness. As your subconscious knows what is true, our subconscious knows the answers that our conscious mind wants to know. There are numerous ways to access the subconscious mind so that you can acquire that information that it knows.

The method that I teach allows people like you to tap in and access the answers you need instantaneously. 

😌 No meditation required, no prep. 

😊 You can do it. 

🤩 Once people learn and practice how to tap into their subconscious mind, they are ready for next steps.

These involve asking the subconscious questions about the blocks they are experiencing and how emotional DNA is involved (i.e., figuring out what generation the inherited pattern originated from and which side of the family is it from?).

Once you learn this skill, you then have the power in your own hands to heal any of your inherited blocks. I love the sense of empowerment that people who learn this process acquire. They walk around like they have a secret superpower and they do.

Like Bonnie in the UK, who after learning this process last month in the master class, he let me know he wrote his entire training program for TV camera assistants that they can use. He was able to complete income. This is an income producing revenue stream. I am so excited for him. Amazing. 

Then there is April, who after the last master class was able to release the struggles she had been having with her manuscript story. The storyline was just not flowing together and while out on a walk, she completely wrote a new manuscript. So the answer to the question, right, can I heal myself? Is 100% yes.

I teach all of this in my Epigenetic Masterclass. 

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I asked the following in the video, and if you’re watching it for the first time now, I ask you to answer these questions:

  1.  If you had this healing power in your own hands, who could you become?
  2.  What could you accomplish?
  3.  What would your life look like?
  4.  As you contemplate the answers, I’m sending you lots of love until next time!