If you are looking for external validation from people to pursue your dream, you will never take the steps you need to take.

In this video, l talk about how our childhood traumas and experiences can lead us to make excuses and play it safe instead of striving to make our dreams a reality.



Your old stories can create negative beliefs that don’t align with who you really are or how other people perceive you.

At a recent event, I told a story of a personal belief from my childhood that who I was wasn’t acceptable to the world. I found myself fixating on a couple in the audience that got up and left during my talk, feeling like my beliefs were confirmed. I meditated on the emotions it brought up and it wasn’t until the couple approached me the next day, that I learned why they walked out. They were so moved by my talk that they had to leave to discuss it in depth. Yet it was my own story that led me to believe otherwise. Our beliefs shape our world, and in some cases limit us from seeing things as they really are.

Conflict between what you say you desire and your actions can lead to feeling paralyzed.

We often talk about our dreams and what we want to achieve, but in the next breath talk about the infinite number of reasons why we can’t take action now or why those dreams have to remain dreams instead of reality.

There are always reasons you can find to make excuses as to why you shouldn’t do something.

We see what we look for. If we look for reasons why something can’t be done we will find any number of excuses for not taking action, and our inherited beliefs can act as blinders only allowing us to see obstacles, excuses, and challenges.

Why do we subconsciously look for people to talk us out of our dreams in order to feel safe?

You will probably have many people in your life applauding your decision to play it safe. Remember, if you are looking for external validation from people to pursue your dream, you will never take the steps you need to take. When the drive to do something is internal, it doesn’t matter what others think, you have already made your decision about what you’re going to do.

But people looking for external validation are often looking subconsciously for people to talk them out of it. They want them to talk them out of their decision, their dream, their plans to keep them from failing. The other thing that you need to consider is whether or not these excuses and reasons why you can’t do something, and the need for external validation are rooted in inherited emotional DNA. Spoiler alert, it almost always is and it resides on a subconscious level.

You have a divine right no matter where you are in life to experience more beauty, more abundance, more love, more wealth, more happiness, more deeper connections with the people around you and more success than you have yet received.

If you see your desired life off in the distance but you cannot seem to get any closer to it, there are likely unconscious blocks that are stopping you, putting you at an impasse from taking those steps. These blocks are the result of some event or series of events that occurred in your ancestral lineage that led to the fear being passed down to you through your emotional DNA. Remember, this is not your fault. This is not bad karma. It is simply a natural response to a negative event that occurred in the past, in one of your ancestors’ lives.

How can I learn how to heal these beliefs and stop making excuses?

During my full day Masterclass, I can help you clear the root cause of inherited patterns hidden within the fibers of your own DNA. I will help you accelerate the results you are currently getting on your journey of transformation. You’ll learn how to identify, release inherited negative patterns, as well as receive the proven formula, my trademark formula to be exact, to train your brain to accept lasting positive change.

The method that I teach allows people like you to tap in and access the answers you need instantaneously. 

During this full day event, I teach you how to identify, how to release it, how to replace it, and fill this container of human experience with positivity. I teach all of this to you so that any insurmountable block to your happiness and success literally melts away.

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