Deserving is a sacred place you create and carry within you.

Deserving is a place to receive the outer world through the expressions of joy, love and abundance.

To receive all your deservingness from the outer world, you must first construct it in your inner world.

It is from this place of deep divine truth, where you fully embrace everything that will bless your life.

Let’s peel back the layers and reveal the deeply rooted patterns of where undeserving begins; then we’ll remove the subconscious undeserving weeds that choke and prevent you from embracing your birthright deservingness at its fullness expression. 

1: When there’s an inherited pattern of being undeserving of your extra earning potential, it will create struggle.

We are all created to inherently deserve expansion and abundance. It’s a divine birthright, and should not be a struggle.

But if we inherit from our ancestors, struggle and undeserving, we will constantly be overworking and trying to ‘earn’ the worthiness to have more in our life.

You deserve good things and even great things simply because you are here on this Earth. There is zero need for you to meet a requirement of deserving. It only requires that you accept it.

2:  Another subtle pattern that can block your deserving place is through childhood family experiences and your family dynamics.

Because of a familiar community pattern, there is a subconscious ceiling on how much abundance you can have or deserve. Often this belief is interwoven deeper within your ancestral genealogy.

A mountain of scarcity can stand between you and your expansion because you are always aware of being undeserving and unworthy of an increase or even what you desire.

It’s time to create your positive shift with my special “Your Deserving Place” Visualization that will guide you to clear the weeds from your garden and create something bright, fresh, and ripe for expansion.

What is shared

💗 Peel back the layers and reveal the deep truth of deservingness within you. 

💗 Remove undeserving weeds from your subconscious that choke and prevent you from embracing an abundant and more fulfilling life.  

💗 Discover how to create a divine place of worth that is natural to embrace.

💗 Experience a powerful guided visualization that teaches you how to create a bright, fresh, and ripe abundant future ready for expansion.


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