How to invite more abundance to your life

Can I ask you a question?

When it comes to receiving abundance in your life, do you find yourself shying away from it?

And even though deep down you long for limitless expansion… You feel this constant nagging that you’re not good enough?

Wanna know a sneaky little secret?

I felt that way for years.  Especially when it came to asking for that so-called “dirty word”… Money.

Isn’t that funny?  

How all of us can feel that inner wanting to experience more in our lives and yet we reject the opportunity to ask to receive it.

Almost every one of my clients over the years had a unique gift or highly valuable skill set that was highly valuable.  But it was this sneaky little voice whispering “you’re not worthy” that kept them frozen in their steps.

I should know because I too was frozen for a time.

I had just begun my life’s calling of helping people with my gifts of energetic coaching.  I had already helped others release their limiting beliefs and learn to invite a wealthy experience.

And yet… I was oh so skittish to ask people to pay more for my valuable services.  I was helping amazing people unshackle themselves from their limits daily.

While I was still being consumed by my own.

It finally took me coming face to face with a divine awakening that allowed me to let my false beliefs go about money.

As I hit the wall of exhaustion in service of others, I realized that there must always be an energetic exchange between ourselves and other people.  

If not, we suffer needlessly with a deep imbalance. Eventually… You and I will wear ourselves thin.

And within our exhaustion, we end up denying the world our most empowering gifts.  This is not the way of abundance.

I hope you now can see that I understand where you might be in your own life right now.  A place where you still hold back on sharing your talents and abilities to those who need it.

The reason you still haven’t unleashed your divine greatness?


Waiting for the permission for you to “be enough.”

Here’s the most wonderful news…

You have always been enough!  

You simply needed to arrive at a place inside your mind to invite abundance to you.

Let today be the day you stop living small, no longer holding back on what you were born to exchange with people.  I want to lift that burden for now.  You deserve to be free of it.

Now you might be feeling the warmth of abundant energy flowing within you after reading those words.  But then your logical mind begins to question it’s truth.

And then you wonder, “But Lisa… How can I begin to allow myself to create the energetic exchange of money?”

Let me guide you through a healing principle that has helped me over the years.  It comes down to 3 empowering words.

Embrace – Extend – Receive

First, you must Embrace Your Ask.  

This means to allow yourself to fall deep into calm and grateful certainty that what you offer the world is beautifully valuable and worthy of an exchange.

Next, you will simply Extend Your Offering.

Think of it this way.  Close your eyes and allow yourself to visualize this simple example.

Let’s say you offer life coaching as a service.  See and feel yourself sitting across from your potential client.  Someone who is seeking your wisdom, guidance, and expertise.

As you begin to share the details of your life coaching offer and how they can get started on their journey with you… 

Imagine yourself extending your open hand across the table.

And inside of your open hand is the most glorious gift. The perfect gift this person needs to expand their life.

The key for you is that you fully accept that you are extending a gift for their taking and nothing more.  Why is this mindset shift so important? 

Because a gift is never forced… It is shared.

The last piece is for you to…

Receive Your Blessing.

See yourself exchanging in perfect harmony with your new client or customer.  You are blessing them with your skills, gifts and wisdom.  

They simply show their appreciation by blessing you with abundance.  And yes… That means money.

Embrace Your Ask… 

Extend Your Offering… 

Receive Your Blessing.

This world deserves all you have to give it.

Share it with them and be ready to bask in the harvest of sowing the divine seeds of your gifts.

The gifts only you can provide.

With never ending abundance,


P.S.  If you’d like to hear more details about that divine awakening I shared above that shifted me into balance…

Then I have a special treat for you today.

Watch below to enjoy a wonderful interview I did with Penni Zelinkoff for her podcast.