Erase Negativity And Wipe Away Your Patterns Of Self-Abuse

91% of your thoughts from yesterday…

Will repeat today.

And tomorrow.  And the next day.  And on and on it goes.

Does that shock you?  

Now of course if all those thoughts were highly charged with positivity and power, then it would be absolutely blissful.

Yet the majority of that 91% is fueled by negativity, scarcity and fear.

It’s an unfortunate reality when it comes to the patterns of our mind…

But thankfully it can be changed.

But first we must fully understand why this vicious cycle of self-abuse is able to continue almost on auto-pilot inside our subconscious 91% of the time.

It all begins with the initial inherited patterns of belief you may carry.  

That is the first seed that plants the weeds in your mind.

So for example, let’s say you have an inherited belief that you don’t have the mental discipline to launch your own business and work for yourself.

This may have been inherited from your mother or grandmother who both wished to become more in their lifetime…

Even though they felt blessed to be a mother to their children.

And so a limiting belief of being unschooled when it comes to anything creative as a business person is set in motion in your mind.

But what’s interesting is that this inherited belief is only planted in the soil of your subconscious one time.  

So how can this single event unleash a cascade of negativity that consumes 91% of your daily thoughts?

It doesn’t.  But the patterns that emerge do.

In this example, let’s say you wake up on a Monday and have an idea for an own online store selling your own artwork.

You feel the rush of excitement course through every inch of your body…Feeling like a kid on Christmas morning brimming with anticipation.

But then the inherited belief rears it’s negative head in your mind, reminding you that you don’t have what it takes to own your own business.

So you don’t take action.  

You allow the negative voice to rule your day.

All day you hear nothing but a broken record of doubt, fear and self-abuse.

And through your inaction, it’s as if you’re writing out your negative, limiting storyline on a whiteboard.  

The black marker in your hand scribbles out the phrase, “I have no experience for business and so I’m not worthy of success.”

Then you wake up Tuesday morning.  

And instead of remembering the excitement of your business idea, you can only read what’s on the whiteboard from yesterday.

So you go about your day and don’t take any action on your dreams again.

And inside your mind, you write out another negative phrase that matches your lack of positive action on the whiteboard.

Now the pattern of negative self-talk has emerged and it has momentum.

Each day you find your mind simply picking up the marker and finding another negative phrase to match your initial, inherited limiting belief.

Scribbling this negativity on the whiteboard of your mind over and over and over again.  Filling it up until you can barely see a speck of white board underneath those repeated phrases of self-condemnation. 

So you see, the initial belief only planted the seed.

It’s the continuous pattern of watering that seed of negativity with self-defeating mental phrases on the whiteboard of your mind that causes you to live a life on self-defeating repetition.

And with each day spent in paralysis of inaction, the pattern continues.

A life where the negative patterns seem to become all that you know and experience…No matter how much you attempt to focus on the positive.

So what is the shift?  

Because as we said in the beginning of this post, 91% of our thoughts repeat from the day before.  That leaves 9% left to redesign your empowering mind!

So what can you do to replace that 91% of negativity?  

You must return to the whiteboard.

Except this time, you not only hold the marker in your hand…

But an eraser.

You walk up to the whiteboard of your mind with a deep sense of power.

With certainty of your true self.  The self that is made for eternal expansion.

And as I look at all those negative phrases, possibly years of them…

Simply take the eraser and wipe them away clean.

With each swipe of your eraser, watch as your negativity falls away.

Leaving you with the pristine, fresh canvas to redesign your mind.

Now you take the marker and begin to write the fresh seed of a new belief.

One that you will water daily with your new empowered statements of certainty, faith and love in yourself.

And with each positive statement by your own hand, you chip away at the old to invite the new.

So with your marker in hand, gazing at the clean slate of the whiteboard…

What will you choose to write today?

Unleash the divine expectations of abundance you’ve always been seeking.

It’s all waiting for you.

Erase the patterns and redefine your life!