Food Heals Nation Podcast Featuring Lisa Thomas

I’m so excited to be a guest on today’s Food Heals Nation podcast!

Ever feel like any work you do on your inner life gets you NOWHERE? What if your fears, limiting beliefs and negative patterns were not your own, but actually inherited from your ancestors? Could you be holding something in your body that isn’t even yours?

If your ancestors ever had any kind of emotional trauma, such as fear, phobias, depression, anxiety, or abuse, then it’s time you know that these things become subconscious traps that pass their energy through DNA. This gets passed down, generation to generation. So your phobia of spiders may be due to a great great aunt experiencing the trauma of getting bitten. Or, for example, Food Heals regular Whitney Lauritsen discovered her limiting beliefs around money came from her grandfather’s living through the Great Depression.

It’s overwhelming to believe that you’re carrying your ancestors’ trauma (when it’s hard just to carry our own), but don’t worry! You can free yourself from these patterns and release the emotions that are not your own.

Listen to the podcast and learn:

  • What is emotionally inherited DNA?
  • How to clear your DNA of ancestral fears
  • How to connect to your guardian angels
  • Are you a hoarder because of your ancestors?
  • How to tap into Source Energy
  • How to keep your three brains healthy (yes, we have three brains)
  • The three blocks to feeling emotionally balanced
  • How to tap into your gratitude in a deeper way
  • Six words that will get you out of fear and into manifesting
  • The trick to manifesting in your car
  • A two-minute strategy to begin clearing your energies right now

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