Being an empathetic, caring and giving person can have its challenges. It can be easy to forget that you too have a life purpose.

Ask yourself these two questions…

  1. How often do you feel like you’re carrying other people’s burdens because you have the capacity to?
  2. What happens when you are constantly holding a container or a space for others while ignoring what that transfer of energy can do to your own wellbeing?

Being there for someone else in need, is a gift you have, but you mustn’t take it for granted, by ignoring your life purpose, hope and dreams.

You CAN do this while maintaining a natural flow for yourself and still be able to give to others. 

It’s okay to set healthy, proper, and energetic boundaries.

If you do not set healthy boundaries, your empathy is like an open door, there is no filter. You must first care for yourself by learning how to set a healthy boundary.

Setting energetic boundaries to protect yourself while empowering someone else in need. Learn how to set healthy boundaries that are possible for you with this special guided visualization!

What is shared

💗 Find your value and own your life. 

💗 Learn how to change what isn’t working. 

💗 Learn an empowering perspective of how to set healthy boundaries.

💗 Experience a powerful guided visualization to embrace your life purpose while being of service to others.

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