Time goes by way too fast it feels and life is accelerating at 10 times its normal speed.

The world has and will continue to change! Leaving you in the past, experiencing regrets and even guilt about what you did or didn’t do.  

I’m going deeper into this challenging topic to provide you with a few key concepts that can unlock a fresh and invigorating perspective.

1:  Your Intentions Were Pure, No Matter the Result

It’s normal, over time, to second guess our past decisions. Trust me, the past intentions where your decisions were made from, were pure, no matter what the results yielded. 

There is simply no way for you to predict whether the results would be good or bad. None of us are fortune tellers in our own lives.

Yet we all attempt to make the best choices that will give us fill out life with joy, light and the opportunity to create a life of value. 

Unfortunately, when a choice from the past doesn’t turn out the way you anticipated, it creates  a feeling of pain and regret. This is where allowing yourself to remember your original intention is very important.

You made the best choice based on what you knew at that time, not where you are now. Every choice you made provided you with experience and wisdom was gained.

2:  Unanswered Prayers are often Blessing of Divine Protection

Unanswered prayers and desires are often blessings in disguise. When we don’t get what we are looking for, we are, in many ways, being provided with divine protection. 

3:  The Choice Was Your Mirror

Sometimes choices provide us with a mirror to see what has been hidden from us.Things that leave us stuck, possibly for years.

So, if you want to move forward, you must be OK with the fact that every choice in your past was made with your best intention. Every choice that you have ever made in the past was a gateway to personal growth, healing, and transformation.

Listen to this powerful visualization to unlock a fresh and invigorating perspective going into the new year. 

What is shared

💗 Learn to release regrets and move forward. 

💗 Remember your original intentions and accept the truth that every past decision came from your best intentions.

💗 Learn how to finally see hidden aspects of yourself that have left you stuck for years.

💗 Experience a powerful visualization to unlock a fresh and invigorating perspective as you move forward in life.

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