The world is often bombarding us with negative energy. We get it from the media, from newspapers, from social sites on the internet. Negative vibrations are everywhere, and we need to take steps to protect our energy and positivity.

Learn about six powerful ways you can identify the negative energy in your life and environment and how to clear it so you can maintain your light, love, and relationship with the world.

Six Powerful Ways to Clear the Negative Energy From Your Space

❤️ Smudging: Learn how to use sacred herbs like sage, cedar, thyme, lavender to release negative ions.

🧡 Crystals are a gift from the Earth with natural healing properties. Learn how crystals can help to purify the rooms in your house that you spend the most time in.

💛 Make noise throughout a space. Break up the negative energy and give yourself a positive boost by bringing some noise and singing to your spaces.

💚 Talk to yourself with positive affirmations. When we think positive we attract positive energy.

💙 Harness your imagination and visual light within your body and the rooms of your house. The brain is quite malleable and mindfulness keeps you from feeling scattered and unfocused.

💜 Walk in nature: get out and walk in the trees and the sun. Get near the water and out into nature.

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