I had a great time telling Tara about my personal story – – a near-death experience that changed my life and helped me discover my real purpose. This led me to create a unique way to heal using epigenetics and healing the subconscious mind.

Discovering my purpose inspired me to make a method to reach the subconscious mind and release emotional baggage passed down through generations. Using this method, I help people identify and let go of behaviors that hold them back from success.

Here are some important things from our chat:

  • We all have the freedom to choose what makes us feel good and shapes our real selves.
  • Our DNA makes us unique, but the emotional baggage from traumas and beliefs also affects our lives.
  • Memories from experiences can impact our beliefs and behaviors, but being aware of this can change our lives.
  • We’re just one decision away from breaking patterns or habits from the past and making a better future generation. This is the power of epigenetics.

The near-death experience (00:02:13) Lisa shares her near-death experience and how it led her to question her life choices and make changes.

The catalyst moment (00:03:49) Tara discusses her own catalyst moment of transformation and growth after her mother’s death.

The dream message from Lisa’s mother (00:07:52) Lisa recounts a dream where her deceased mother tells her she is always with her and can help her from the other side.

The near-death experience and decision to live (00:10:03) Speaker 2 describes her near-death experience after a severe accident and how she made the choice to continue living.

Quitting an addiction and making a commitment to change (00:12:27) Speaker 2 discusses her addiction and her decision to quit it, as well as the impact it had on her health and well-being.

Inherited emotional DNA and soul contracts (00:18:14) Speaker 1 and Speaker 2 discuss the concept of inherited emotional DNA and soul contracts, and how they relate to their own experiences with their parents’ deaths.

Inherited Emotional DNA (00:21:12) Discussion on how our DNA helix contains epigenetics that determine how we express ourselves and inherit experiences and beliefs from our ancestors.

Generational Trauma and Belief Systems (00:22:03) Exploration of how trauma, even in everyday experiences, can be passed down through generations and shape our beliefs and mindset.

Transforming Success and Overcoming Blocks (00:24:51) Explanation of how understanding epigenetics and releasing subconscious blocks can help transform a person’s success and remove limitations around worthiness and visibility.

The inheritance of traits (00:29:29) Lisa discusses how she can determine whether a trait is inherited from the mother or father, and the importance of understanding the generational impact of these inherited traits.

Releasing inherited patterns (00:30:30) Lisa shares her experiences with clients where she was able to release addictive patterns that were inherited from the mother, and how this process can help individuals let go of patterns they don’t have to own.




The Fascination with Epigenetics

Epigenetics has been a topic that has intrigued me for quite some time. Lisa’s work in this field is nothing short of incredible. I was curious to know how she ventured into this line of work. Lisa shared that her journey began after a near-death experience that led her to question her daily choices and align them with her true self. This resonated with me as my own spiritual awakening occurred after my mother’s death in 2008, which led me to question my purpose and identity.

A Near-Death Experience and Transformation

Lisa’s near-death experience was a turning point in her life. After a serious accident that left her paralyzed and in excruciating pain for six weeks, she had a divine encounter that gave her a choice to live. This experience led her to quit her addiction to diet coke, which she had been using as a crutch. She realized the toxicity and impact it had on her brain and decided to let it go.

Lisa also spoke about her intuitive abilities as a child, which she had suppressed to fit in. After her near-death experience, she embraced her intuition and made positive changes in her life. She acknowledged the pain of losing her mother, who was her best friend and support, but also recognized that her transformation wouldn’t have been possible without these difficult moments.

Understanding Inherited Emotional DNA

Our conversation took a deeper turn as we discussed the concept of inherited emotional DNA. Lisa explained that while our fixed DNA code cannot be changed, our epigenetics within the DNA helix determine how our genes are expressed. This includes the gifts and talents we inherit from our ancestors, as well as the traumas and belief systems that get passed down through generations.

Lisa explained that trauma can be experienced in everyday life and these experiences can get trapped in our cellular memory, influencing our beliefs and patterns. The beliefs and stories we hear from our ancestors can also be inherited on a subconscious level.

The Power of Understanding Epigenetics

Understanding epigenetics can be transformative for a person’s success. By becoming aware of these inherited patterns and beliefs, we can release them and seek help in the process. Our subconscious mind, while protective, can also block us from expanding and achieving our goals. Working with a transformational expert can help us overcome these limitations and give ourselves permission to change.

A Glimpse into a Session with Lisa Thomas

Lisa’s sessions are unique as she has the ability to identify inherited patterns and traumas in individuals. She can determine whether these patterns are inherited from the mother or father’s side, and the body provides her with the priority of these patterns.

Lisa shared a personal experience where she worked with a man who didn’t believe in an afterlife. During the session, the man’s father came through and asked for forgiveness. This experience taught her about the presence of spirits during her sessions and the impact her work had on them.

The Impact of Epigenetics

Lisa’s discovery of the concept of epigenetics through her experiences with clients has been profound. She found that by releasing patterns or addictions from the mother, it automatically cleared in the adult child as well. This led her to understand the inherited nature of these patterns and the importance of addressing them.

Lisa’s goal is to take the “woowoo” out of her work and focus on evolving humanity and making a positive impact. She believes that her gift is a divine one, allowing people to let go of patterns and traumas that they don’t have to own or blame others for.

As we wrapped up our conversation, I found myself eager to learn more about epigenetics and the transformative power it holds. Lisa’s journey and insights have been truly enlightening, and I look forward to delving deeper into this fascinating field.

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