Old stories reside within us, stories that shape our beliefs, behaviors and decisions. Often it’s these stories that hold you back from what’s possible and keeps you stuck. In this video I share examples of common stories in the areas of money, public speaking, relationships and self worth. I share how they manifest and show up in your life and some tips on how to release them and transform those limiting beliefs to live your dreams and achieve your goals. 


  • Understanding old stories and their impact on our lives
  • Examples of common old stories related to money, public speaking, relationships, and self-worth
  • How old stories manifest in our behaviors and beliefs
  • Techniques to release old stories and create new empowering narratives
  • A guided visualization exercise for transforming old stories and embracing positive change


00:01  Uncovering and overcoming old stories: a path to personal transformation

03:45  Breaking free from old stories: recognizing and releasing limiting beliefs

06:48  Transform your life through transformational storytelling visualization exercise

16:48  Transform your life through visualization and positive affirmations

20:38  Overcoming old stories and taking action for personal growth

Transforming Old Stories: A Path to Personal Growth and Empowerment

In the realm of personal development, the concept of old stories holds significant weight. These old stories, deeply ingrained within us, shape our beliefs, behaviors, and ultimately, our lives. By unraveling and rewriting these narratives, we pave the way for transformation and empowerment. Let’s delve into the essence of old stories and how they impact our journey towards self-discovery and growth.


Unveiling Old Stories: Understanding the Blueprint Within

Old stories are not mere figments of imagination; they are energetic imprints embedded within our very blueprint. These narratives can stem from our genetic lineage or be acquired through our life experiences and interactions. They narrate the tale of our past, emphasizing the word “accepted.” The pivotal realization here is that once we become aware of these old stories, we hold the power to either perpetuate or reject them.


Recognizing the Patterns: Examples of Old Stories

  1. Money Matters: The belief that money is scarce or hard to come by.
  2. Social Anxiety: Feeling embarrassed or inadequate in social settings.
  3. Relationship Dynamics: Attracting individuals who take advantage of your kindness.
  4. Self-Worth: Struggling to value and monetize your innate talents.


The Subconscious Influence: Breaking Free from Old Stories

The insidious nature of old stories lies in their residence within the subconscious mind. They act as weeds, choking the abundance in our lives and perpetuating cycles of limitation. Recognizing these narratives is the first step towards liberation. Old stories often surface when we are on the brink of progress, triggered by events that mirror our ingrained beliefs.


Overcoming Resistance: A Path to Transformation

  1. Awareness and Acceptance
  • Acknowledge the existence of old stories without self-blame.
  • Embrace a newfound awareness to break free from stagnation.
  1. Transformational Storytelling
  • Erase: Release old narratives and limiting beliefs.
  • Create: Craft new stories that resonate with your highest potential.


Visualization Exercise: A Journey to Self-Discovery

Embark on a guided visualization to shed light on your old stories and pave the way for personal evolution. This immersive exercise involves erasing the outdated narratives from your metaphorical book of life and inscribing empowering, authentic tales in their place.

  1. Visualization Steps
  • Deep breathing and relaxation techniques.
  • Symbolic interaction with your old storybook.
  • Erasing the past narratives and scripting a new narrative of abundance and self-empowerment.
  1. Outcome
  • Embrace a renewed sense of self and purpose.
  • Harness the pen of life to script your destiny with confidence and clarity.


Embracing Change: Moving Forward with Empowerment

As old stories lose their grip, you step into a realm of possibilities and growth. By taking action, challenging self-imposed limitations, and embracing transformation, you rewrite the script of your life. Remember, old stories may contain specks of truth, but they do not define your inherent worth or potential. It’s time to break free from the shackles of the past and embrace a future brimming with authenticity and abundance.

In conclusion, the journey of releasing old stories is a profound act of self-love and liberation. By shedding light on these narratives, we pave the way for personal evolution and empowerment. Embrace your story, honor your truth, and rewrite your narrative with courage and conviction. Your life is a blank canvas—paint it with the vibrant hues of possibility and purpose.

Remember, the power to transform lies within you. Embrace it, embody it, and let your story unfold with grace and resilience. It’s time to rewrite the narrative of your life—one empowered chapter at a time.