It’s easy to feel like something is wrong with us when negative patterns keep showing up in our lives. It is not uncommon and can be debilitating, even for successful individuals. These feelings of inadequacy stem from inherited emotional DNA and false beliefs. In this video I share some examples of how these patterns can impact relationships and the power of releasing inherited emotional DNA.

  • The impact of comparing ourselves to others who seem to have it all
  • How feelings of inadequacy can affect our relationships, career, and overall well-being
  • How inherited emotional DNA influences patterns, behaviors, and perceptions
  • How to recognize recurring negative patterns in relationships, business, and personal life
  • Techniques to release and replace the patterns without relying on external interventions


00:00  Intro 

00:30  Eliminate Fears and Patterns Holding You Back in Life

03:26  Overcoming Feelings of Inadequacy and Comparison

08:02  The Power of Releasing Inherited Emotional DNA

11:03  Transform Your Life in a Day: Join the Epigenetic Master Class



Understanding the Common Struggle

It’s not uncommon to feel like the “second choice,” witness relationships following a predictable pattern of falling apart, or see your business reach success only to falter again. This feeling often leads to thoughts like, “There must be something wrong with me.” If you’ve ever felt this way, know that you’re not alone.

Comparisons and False Beliefs

We tend to compare ourselves to others, assuming they have it all together. However, the truth is, everyone, even the most successful, feels the weight of inadequacy at times. The external appearance can be deceiving, as we all grapple with feelings of not being enough.

The Role of Inherited Emotional DNA

But why do these feelings persist? Why do seemingly insignificant events trigger massive feelings of incompetence or inadequacy? The answer lies in our inherited emotional DNA. For example, if you’ve inherited the belief of “not being enough,” every aspect of your life will be experienced through that lens.

The Transformative Power of Releasing Inherited Emotional DNA

The good news is that these patterns can be broken. Imagine replacing “not enough” with “infinitely loved and valued.” This is the transformative power of releasing inherited emotional DNA. I’ve witnessed the profound impact it has on individuals, allowing them to see their lives through a new lens.

Empowering Yourself through the Epigenetic Masterclass

You don’t have to wait for a private session; you can learn to release your own inherited emotional DNA. My Transformational Epigenetic Masterclass is designed for everyone, regardless of intuition or spirituality. In this full-day event, you’ll not only learn the steps to heal yourself but also experience personalized one-on-one interactions with me.

Breaking Free from Limiting Beliefs

Picture a life where you eliminate feelings of inadequacy, scarcity, and undeservedness. Imagine overcoming phobias and fears that stand in the way of your desires. Releasing the lens of default patterns opens up a world of possibilities.

Join the Transformational Journey

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