Be aware that when you’re moving forward in life, certain things will trigger and throw you off.

Everyone experiences living with inherited negative patterns. Some patterns include feeling stuck and trapped in life, causing you to doubt and second guess your decisions. 

Inherited patterns are how your emotional DNA expresses itself, it is based on the life experiences of your ancestors. This isn’t bad karma, nor are we ‘blaming’ your parents or ancestors, because the truth is, they didn’t pass it down to you on purpose. 

Yes, it is frustrating to feel limited in your life and not understand why. 

Fear almost always begins as an inherited emotion and it complicates life. Negative inherited patterns like anger interrupt your ability to be in flow and live life to its fullest. It’s living in that ‘never ending cycle’ of life repeating the same way over and over again.  

Learn to reset your life by recognizing and recalibrating your mind and body with this powerful visualization to will help you eliminate negative inherited patterns and activate  higher frequencies of abundance and personal transformation.

What is shared

💗 Learn 3 simple steps on how to recognize and recalibrate your life. 

💗 Find out how to let go of anger and transform it into movement. 

💗 Discover an empowering visualization that will help you eliminate negative inherited         patterns and move the needle forward in your life! 

💗 Feel confident to try new things.


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