The truth is, being unforgiving of yourself, family or others will keep you locked in a cycle of feeling misunderstood and disempowered.

Your inability to let go, will block your ability to receive your heart’s desires and will stop you from experiencing true abundance.

Stuck energy is like a brick that weighs you down and affects every part of your life.

Learn to forgive – it increases your vibration and attracts abundance into all areas of your life!

What is shared

❤️ As children, we’re taught to say sorry. We’re not taught how to truly forgive others nor are we taught how to forgive ourselves.

🧡 Holding on to the past is a subconscious pattern of protection, it’s supposed to prevent bad things from happening; truth is, it’s a form of self-punishment.

💛 When you learn to forgive, your mind is free from the negative and time expands for you.

💚 Forgiveness attracts more abundance and opportunities into your life.

💙 Patterns of unforgiveness show up in our epigenetics and contribute to feelings of jealousy, blame and victimhood, preventing you from moving forward.

💜 Moving away from a situation is sometimes necessary, but only solves half the problem. You also need to let go of the inner burden to truly move forward.

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